Is Your Dog’s Microchip Up To Date?
| June 8th, 2011

Is Your Dog’s Microchip Up To Date?

You’re a responsible pet owner and microchipped your dog.  Good for you!  But have you been diligent at keeping the information up-to-date on the registry?  Or for that matter did you register the microchip initially?

There was a recent story of a dog from Boulder, CO who was lost for over 6 months then found in Salinas, CA, 1,200 miles from home.  He was identified by his microchip but of the several phone numbers on the database none were valid for the owner.  The shelter workers sent a certified letter to the address on file and it reached the dog’s owner a day before their dog was going to be available for adoption at the Salinas shelter.  The dog was flown home to Boulder courtesy of Frontier Airlines and the family is happy for his return.

Learn from this lesson.  Take a minute to make sure if the worst happens and your dog gets away that you have the proper notification on file.  First, is the registration complete?Many of us walk out of the vet’s office and file the paperwork in a drawer – but there are steps you have to take online to add your information.  If you remember your microchip company, double check that address, veterinarian and telephone numbers are current.  If you don’t have (or can’t find) the registration information, contact the veterinarian’s office that implanted your dog and they can give you the name of the correct registry to use. One last option is to contact the Pet Microchip Lookup website which is a great alternative for those who have lost all their information except the microchip number.

It isn’t just the microchip that will bring your dog home, it is ensuring that the people who find him can find you!

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