My dogs are everything I am, and everything I want to be
| October 6th, 2012

Meet Punk’n and Enzo

Punk'n and EnzoThis submission is by Sally Janich, whose everyday Hero Dog is Punk’n and Enzo, a Welsh Corgi.

My Dog is My Hero Because…


My two dogs, Punk’n and Enzo, are my heroes because they are
a reflection and a constant reminder of who I am and who I strive to be. In so
many ways, Punk’n is me in dog form—willful, outspoken, and sometimes even
stubborn. She reacts to many things the same way I do and helps me see
myself and my actions in her short, furry reflection. I know myself better
because of her.
Enzo, my year-old puppy, loves to play and is a window to the innocence and
honesty of childhood. His carefree, fun-loving attitude reminds me of the child
I once was and with every look, every smile, and every too-wet kiss encourages
me to stay young. Seeing him totally content with his favorite toys teaches me
to appreciate what I have and enjoy every moment of life—especially the little
My dogs are my heroes because they are at once everything I am and everything I
want to be.

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