November Dog of the Month
| December 6th, 2011

Meet J.D.

J.D.Meet J.D.! He is our November Dog of the Month!  J.D. is short for Jack Daniels in honor of the liquor store location where he was left tied up alone.  A woman saw him outside the liquor store and realized he had been abandoned.  She then brought this dog into the vet clinic where Mary, his new owner, works explaining where he was and that she could not keep him.  J.D. was very shy but jumped right into Mary’s lap when she sat down.  It was love at first sight even though he was underweight, still intact, had overgrown toenails and covered with fleas!

Mary did try to find J.D.’s original owners via the local humane societies but no one had reported him missing.  So she had him neutered, micro chipped and he melded right into her family including the cat and her parent’s two dogs, Midnight and Kane.  J.D. is estimated to be about 2 years old.  Being a unique looking dog, Mary had a DNA test run on him.  It came back as Chihuahua, Miniature Poodle & some unknown breed mix.  She still feels he is part dachshund or terrier.

Mary has taken him to many training classes earning him his Canine Good Citizen distinction.  To keep active J.D. and Mary joined us at Zoom Room for all three levels of Agility.  He is multi talented and learns quickly.  A few of the tricks he knows include beg, shake with both paws, and roll over.

He is a dog toy stuffing shredder so now Mary tries to bring home only unstuffed toys.  He loves anything peanut butter and the buffalo tripe bones from Zoom Room.  J.D.’s best friend is Girlie, an Australian Shephard.  They spend time playing and running around Boulder’s Open Spaces.  If J.D. can’t get your attention he will paw at your feet or even your face if you are asleep.  (ouch!)  Mary feels the best thing about J.D. is his pure energy.  One minute he is running laps around the back yard then chasing his tail, then he stops to dig and starts all over again.  He is a healthy, happy puppy and Mary is so glad he came into her life.  He is her sidekick, buddy, and best friend.

Congrats to J.D. and Mary!  You won a 5-pack of Open Gym time!

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