October’s Dog of the Month
| November 1st, 2011

Banjo, the Dinosaur!

Banjo the DinoBanjo, a 3 year-old male Basset Hound, is our costumed October Dog of the Month.

His owner, Valerie, had always wanted a Basset Hound and had been keeping an eye out at local rescues when a description of a new adoptable dog showed up on Longmont Humane Society’s website. There was no picture yet, but she knew she had to see him in person right away. Of course, it was love at first sight!

Banjo gets along great with his siblings; Copper the Bloodhound; Sumiko the Shiba Inu; two rescued cats Sidney & Hallow and the rescued Ball Python Jeff (mostly Banjo and the snake just stare at each other through the glass!).

He loves all stuffed toys, but he doesn’t get them because they only remain stuffed for about half a second. Instead, he really enjoys the antler they bought him at Zoom Room, because it lasts through his aggressive chewing. He also loves cold cuts of any kind.

Banjo has a lot of funny quirks.  He is fairly quiet for a Hound dog, but he groans loudly when getting his belly scratched, and he insists on sitting on their laps whenever they are on the couch. The local squirrels hate him because he can sniff out every single peanut they bury, no matter how hidden it is, which is why they enrolled him in the Zoom Room Scent Class! (He graduated from Scent Class with flying colors!)

Banjo’s humans love to take him to the dog park, because it is so funny to see him run with his little short legs, and when he can’t catch up to the other dogs he starts baying at them top volume, much to the amusement of the other owners.

Congratulations Banjo!  Come pick your favorite treat from our treat bar as your prize!

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