Responsible Dog Ownership Celebration!
| August 29th, 2012

Responsible Dog Ownership Celebration!

We are excited to invite you and your dog to joins us on Saturday, September 22nd as we celebrate all responsible dog owners of Boulder County!  September is AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month.  It is celebrated nationwide by holding community events for all dog lovers and their families to promote responsible dog ownership and the unique bond we share with our canines.

Join us for activities for kids (make a toy for the animals at Humane Society of Boulder Valley) and dogs (bobbing for tennis balls anyone?); speak one-on-one with a dog trainer; talk to AKC breed clubs; or find the pup of your dreams at one of the many rescues in attendance.

Canine Good Citizen TestLooking to show your dog is an upstanding member of the community?  Sign up to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluation – a 10-step tests certification that awards well-mannered, obedient dogs.

Watch our agility demonstrations then take your dog through the course or sign up for one of the fun contests:

  •             Cutest Puppy (16 weeks – 6 months)
  •             Longest dog from nose to tail
  •             Trick Contest
  •             Catch a Treat

A small entry fee for each contest will be donated to Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

Join us for the following 30-minute seminars:

CAH logo11:00am       Ask the Veterinarian – bring your questions and get them answered by Dr. Natalie Durbin of Cambridge Animal Hospital.


12:00pm        Pup-Lates® Demonstration – Canine conditioning using equipment you’d find in a human gym, your dog will learn core control and develop athleticism, balance, and strength. Great option for dogs recovering from injuries, senior dogs, or those dogs that could stand to lose a few pounds.

12:30pm        Dog Scouts of America (DSA) – Learn what it takes to join Dog Scouts and how much fun it can be to hang out with other dog lovers and earn badges for everyday things you already do with your dog!  Members from local Troop 213 will answer your questions.

Full Activity Schedule:

10:00 am       Booths open!

Meet the Breeds – Miniature Schnauzer (outside)

10:30 am       Meet the Breeds – Rhodesian Ridgebacks (outside)

10:45 am       Agility Demonstration (outside)

11:00 am       Seminar: Ask the Vet – Inside Zoom Room

Meet the Breeds – German Shorthair Pointer (outside)

11:15 am       Meet the Breeds – Keeshond (outside)

11:30 am       Meet the Breeds – Cairn Terrier (outside)

11:30 am       Contest:  Catch a Treat  (outside)

Contest: Cutest Puppy (outside)

12:00 pm       Pup-lates Demo (canine conditioning) – Inside Zoom Room

12:15 pm       Meet the Breeds – Bernese Mountain Dog (outside)

12:30 pm       Seminar: Dog Scouts of America – Inside Zoom Room

1:00 pm         Contest – Measuring of Longest Dog (outside)

1:30 pm         Contest – Tricks (outside)

 Announcement of winners from all contests following Trick Contest! (outside)

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Lesa writes:

I want to make sure of the date; your email says the 22nd as does the print withint the article but at the top it says the 29th.
Can you confirm date?

Longmont writes:

Yes Lesa the date is 9/22/12. The other date 8/29/12 is when the information was posted online. Thank you for clarifying. We hope to see you!

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