Riders on the Storm
| July 20th, 2011

Code 3 – Riders on the Storm

If you ever need animal rescue help during a disaster, who shows up?  Code 3 Associates Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit located here in Longmont, is a dedicated response resource to communities for their animals in disaster situations. They only deploy upon official request from local authorities and work at the direction of that authority.

Code 3 has conducted disaster training throughout the United States for 25 years.  All of the trainings are nationally recognized, most providing accreditation through Colorado State University.  The field response teams have earned their credibility through years of hard work, training and field experience. Field responders have specialized training in areas of fire, swift water rescue, rope extraction, confined space rescue and every situation you can imagine. With their specialized animal handling, training teams can safely handle all animals from companion, livestock, exotic and wildlife.  Code 3 participates in an ongoing process of proactive education, training and community awareness of the needs of animals during disasters.

When they do deploy they use their Mobile Command Center, named B.A.R.T. for Big Animal Rescue Truck.  B.A.R.T. is an 82 foot, 78,000 pound semi tractor trailer equipped for any disaster natural or man-made.  It can accommodate 11 team members for up to a week in a zero resource environment.  B.A.R.T is a full vet triage center on wheels with a wide variety of medical, surgical and clinical supplies.  In addition to the medical equipment, B.A.R.T. carries a 4×4 support vehicle, a two-horse trailer, 3 boats, 125 cages, and personal equipment for any rescue situation from wildfires to ice rescues.   B.A.R.T. is ready to roll within 2 hours of official deployment and the qualified drivers can have it practically anywhere in the continental U.S. and set up in 40 hours or less.

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