Senior Dogs Get Second Chance
| December 28th, 2011

Maximus and Paylar New Canine Good Citizens

Maximus and PaylarShannon proudly poses with these wonderful senior Great Pyrenees brothers whom she has been fostering since May 2011 for Big Dog Huge Paws, Inc. (BDHPI).   They passed the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluation with flying colors on December 26th!

Their owner who had them since they were young puppies surrendered these wonderful giants to BDHPI in April.  Maximus and Paylar are littermates who turned 10 in July.  Victims of the economy they were finally given up the day their owner lost his home in Denver.  He had been in financial straights for quite a few years and the condition of the boys was not great when they came to BDHPI.  They had been living outside in a kennel with little human interaction.  Both boys have long-term medical issues that now equal approximately $200/month in medication to control.  The issues don’t slow these regal gentle-paws down too much!  Speaking of gentle, except for loud noises of the firework variety nothing rattles these dogs – they are kid tested and cat approved.

Max’s favorite thing in the whole world is to be touched and scratched while Paylar will go all droopy eyed with bliss if you scratch both cheeks at the same time!  They crave human touch and are making up for nearly a decade without it.  Though as much as they crave human touch these boys are very bonded to each other.  The veterinarian that did their neuter surgery shared a story with Shannon:

She (the vet) said that Maximus came out of surgery first and was put in one of the recovery pens.  Paylar came out a few minutes later and was put in the pen next door to Maximus, separated by a chain link fence.  When Max first opened his eyes, it seems that the first thing he did was look around to find his brother.   Seeing him in the next pen, Max hauled his anesthesia-impaired body up to the separating fence, and then he tried to climb it!  He simply wouldn’t settle down until the techs moved his brother (still out cold) into the same pen with him.

It is for that reason the boys will only be adopted as a pair.

Max & Paylar have come a long way in 8 months from being panicked by living under a roof inside a house to learning how to walk on a leash, and being house broken.  Both boys joined us at Zoom Room for Obedience 1 and then Max ventured out to trying Agility.  No speed records were to be broken he did give it his all and thoroughly seemed to enjoy the time out with Shannon and the other dogs in class.  Now you can add the CGC to the list of their accomplishments.  Not bad for a couple of old fogey dogs in foster care!  Shannon is a firm believer that learning new things keeps you young (humans or dogs alike!).

We have enjoyed watching these dogs blossom under Shannon’s care and know that the right ‘forever’ home is just around the corner.  If you want to learn more about Maximus and Paylar, visit the Big Dog Huge Paws, Inc. website.


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