Wednesday Night Sports
| May 5th, 2013

Wednesday Night Sports Fundraiser

May is National Fitness Month so let’s workout our dogs mind and bodies by trying something new!  We are offering introduction only classes for the following sports to sample: Pup-lates®, Canine Cross-Training ®, Tricks, Scent, and Urban Herding.

Each Wednesday beginning at 6pm you have up to 3 choices of sports to try.  Try one or try them all!   Cost is $25 per class with $5 of each enrollment going toward a worthy rescue.  But we won’t stop there we will also donate 10% of our sales for the day.  Space is limited in each class.  If you haven’t been to Zoom Room before, vaccines (Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella) are required.


A Soft Place to LandMay 8th we will be donating to A Soft Place to Land*

6pm   Tricks – all levels welcome

7pm   Scent (K-9 Nosework)



May 15th we will be donating to Shiba Scout Rescue*Shiba_Scout_Rescue.65185934

6pm    Urban Herding (Treibball)

7pm    Scent (K-9 Nosework)

8pm    Tricks – all levels welcome




May 22nd we will be donating to Big Dogs, Huge Paws, Inc.BDHPLogos 010

6pm    Canine Cross-Training ®

7pm  Urban Herding (Treibball)

8pm  Scent (K-9 Nosework)



May 29th we will be donating to Recycled Ruffs Chihuahua Rescue*

6pm  Pup-lates®

7pm  Canine Cross-Training ®

8pm  Urban Herding (Treibball)

 * Adoptable dogs may or may not be on site for the evening.  But we encourage you to come meet the volunteers and learn about the breeds they support.

Want to know more about the Intro’s we are offering?  Keep reading.

Scent Intro:  We will get your dog working independently finding high value cookies and using his sniffer!

Tricks Intro: Go home with up to 3 tricks started in our hour-long intro class.  Understand how to break down a trick into manageable parts and learn shaping a trick.  Bring your Trick ideas and we will see what we can do!

Urban Herding: Wish you could direct your off-leash dog to get off a hiking path so someone else can pass?  That is one of the most usable commands we start teaching with Urban Herding.  Yes, ultimately we get your dog to push an exercise ball and have fun doing it!  Learn the rules of the game and a few of the first basic commands in this hour.

Canine Cross-Training ®: Get moving with your dog!  60% you exercise/40% your dog works and you both go home energized and happy!  Whether you have been exercising for years or just starting you work at your level.  Dog training meets circuit training!

Pup-lates®: If you have ever talked or worked with a human fitness trainer the one thing you will always here is “core strength” is vital.  The same goes for your dog.  In this dog-centered exercise class, you will use equipment found in a human gym and our agility equipment to start building core strength in your dog.

Any questions?  Don’t hesitate to call us for clarification or let us help you pick what will be best for your dog to try out.  You can reach us at 303-834-8665.


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