Los Angeles Times
| March 12th, 2013

Exercise class welcomes dogs too

Los Angeles Times

L.A. Times reporter Mary MacVean stopped by the Zoom Room in Hollywood with her dog Beanie to try out Canine Cross Training. Founder Jaime Van Wye was there to teach the class that night, which included six other dogs. Mary and Beanie ended up having a great time working out together and will definitely be sharing their experience with others!

‘It’s a bonding experience with the dog,’ says David Essex, holding Windsor, a border collie-cattle dog mix. ‘It is more of a workout for us, more of a patience thing for them.’

Beanie loved class. If she didn’t always get the tasks just right, she was game for anything that led to a treat. But she was far from bone tired by the end — our goal when she goes to the park.

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