Low Cost Franchise

Low Cost Franchise

Low Cost Franchise

When Jaime designed the Zoom Room pet franchise from the ground up, one of the mission critical factors was keeping costs down. Having studied all of the competition, she made it a personal goal to create a low cost franchise that was way more fun to run than the other pet franchises out there, while at the same time having a significantly lower start-up and ongoing cost.

Luckily, she succeeded.

Franchise Fee

The Zoom Room has a franchise fee of $39,000 for a single unit. This amount is payable upon signing of the Franchise Agreement. We do not at this time offer our own financing, but applicants are welcome to pursue financing with banks, friends, investors, grants, etc. When you speak to one of our franchise advisors, please ask about financing, if applicable, as we have excellent connections and recommendations to share with you.

We also offer multi-unit packages to area developers; three units have a reduced franchise fee of $99,000; five units are $150,000. You have extended time to open these additional units.

SBA Approved Franchise

SBA Approved Franchise

The Zoom Room is an SBA Approved Franchise. This means that loan applications at an SBA lender will be processed more efficiently, since the Small Business Administration has already reviewed and approved our Franchise Agreement.

Total Franchise Cost

We have calculated the estimated total franchise cost to require an initial investment of $132,760 at the low end, up to $308,685 at the high end. This total franchise cost is completely all-inclusive. It includes not only our franchise fee, but also three months’ rent, leasehold improvements, initial inventory, utilities, equipment, signage, everything but a bottle of champagne (which we’ll probably provide anyway).

The low franchise cost estimate is based on paying your landlord a security deposit equal to 1 month’s rent. The high estimate is based on a security deposit equal to 2 months’ rent, and for a larger facility at a higher cost per square foot.

After you fill out your initial Franchise Information Request Application, we’ll be happy to provide you with a more detailed breakdown of all costs. But the figures above represent everything, soup to nuts. Again, of that amount, only the franchise fee is payable to us – the rest goes to your landlord, contractor, vendors, the usual suspects.

We require that franchisees have $75K liquid capital to invest in this business, with a total net worth of at least $150K. If you require additional financing, we are delighted to provide you with a very detailed business plan that you may customize for your location and use to secure funding. This is provided after the signing of the Franchise Agreement.

To truly appreciate the Zoom Room as a low cost franchise, we’d encourage you to check out two of our resources:

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2. A comparison of relative costs between the Zoom Room and other pet franchises*

*Hint: we’re the least expensive of every brick-and-mortar pet franchise on the market!

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