| February 24th, 2011

iPad Productivity

iPads for Dogs

Mashable, the pre-eminent cutting edge news source with over 30 million page views per month, has featured the Zoom Room on its front page, exploring our innovative use of the iPad.

Every member of the facility is issued a credit card-sized ID and a dog collar tag that have barcodes on them, much like the swipe in cards that many people use. Zoom Room uses a scanner that works with the iPad to check dogs into the facility for classes and other events. Because owners can handle this process, employees are free to answer questions, ring up sales and interact with dogs.

Additionally, as you’ll know if you’re reading this on an iPad, our Zoom Room website is available in a special version developed exclusively for viewing on the iPad.

We love that the device also helps us with all of our green initiatives. We can ring up enrollments and sales without wasting a lot of paper, and by making our schedule available on the iPad, it removes the need to pass out paper copies of our current schedule which would ultimately end up in the trash at the end of each month.

We also use the iPad to sign people in at the door during large-scale fund-raising events, or to take down information and facilitate enrollments when we’re out in the community attending pet fairs and other events.

Some of our clients even use the iPad to check in on Foursquare, Facebook or Yelp, in case they don’t have their own mobile device with them.

And although we’ve yet to let any dogs chew on the iPad, it absolutely does survive the occasional lick test!

Read the full story in Mashable.

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