Meet-Up Groups

Meet-Up Groups

Meet-up Groups

Belong to a breed or other canine Meet-Up Group? The Zoom Room is perfect for your next Meet-Up! Have your organizer get in touch with us and we can take care of all the arrangements. Typically our Meet-Up rentals are 90 minutes long. You can handle the RSVPs from your members yourself, or we can take care of that as well. Your members will thank you! There are only so many dog parks you can go to for your events, so why not treat them to a climate-controlled indoor space where you can turn on the Disco Ball, play music of your choosing, serve refreshments, and have a blast!

As an organizer you should also know that every Zoom Room is actively engaged in sponsoring local Meet-Up Groups! If you haven’t already seen our offer of perks, please contact your local Zoom Room to let us know about your group and its needs – and we’re sure we can work out some great perks for you and your members!

If you are interested in joining an existing Meet-Up Group, or if you’re inspired to create your own Meet-Up, there’s no better place to do it than!

Businesses, Community and Civic Organizations

Happy Hour for your employees or members with their dogs? Singles mixers where people get to meet the four-legged significant other of their potential significant other? We have catered parties from the laidback to the utterly extravagant. We can provide all the bells and whistles, or you can bring in the goodies yourself and leave the supervision, setup and cleanup to us. Please contact your local Zoom Room for more information.

Rescue Organizations

We specialize in throwing unforgettable charitable fundraisers for an enormous variety of shelters, rescue groups, and other non-profit organizations concerned with animal welfare. If instead of a Meet-Up Group, your organization is a shelter or non-profit rescue, please view our Rescue Groups page for more information.


If you’re simply looking to enjoy the Zoom Room yourself, or with a couple of friends, please check out our Indoor Dog Park offering known as Private Gym – this will be perfect for you.