Microchips for Dogs

Microchipping Dogs

Protect Your Pet

Microchips for DogsThanks to a partnership with Found Animals, certain Zoom Room locations are offering low-cost microchip implants for dogs on an ongoing basis.

Each year millions of pets find themselves lost and ending up in shelters never to be returned to their owners. One way to help increase the chances of a safe return of your dog is to consider having him microchipped.

Microchipping is such an important step in protecting your pet – and this is a remarkable opportunity to avoid the unbearable heartbreak of a lost dog!

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Microchip for Dogs

Microchip for DogsWhat exactly is a dog microchip? A microchip for dogs is a very tiny electronic chip (about the size of a grain of rice) that is injected just under the skin between the shoulder blades with a small hypodermic needle.

Each chip has a unique number that is assigned to your dog. After it has been implanted, the owner must register the dog’s contact information. When a special scanner is waved over the area, the number will be displayed enabling the finder to contact the microchip company to identify the owner.

Things to remember:

  • Microchips are not a tracker or GPS. It only works if it is scanned.
  • Your contact information must be current at all times with the microchip registry.
  • A collar and current ID tags are also an integral part of responsible dog ownership

Is Your Dog’s Microchip Up To Date?

You’re a responsible pet owner and microchipped your dog. Good for you! But have you been diligent at keeping the information up-to-date on the registry? Or for that matter did you register the microchip initially?

There was a recent story of a dog from Boulder, CO who was lost for over 6 months then found in Salinas, CA, 1,200 miles from home. He was identified by his microchip but of the several phone numbers on the database none were valid for the owner. The shelter workers sent a certified letter to the address on file and it reached the dog’s owner a day before their dog was going to be available for adoption at the Salinas shelter. The dog was flown home to Boulder courtesy of Frontier Airlines and the family is happy for his return.

Learn from this lesson. Take a minute to make sure if the worst happens and your dog gets away that you have the proper information on file. At the Zoom Room, we will gather all of the information from you and input it into the microchip registry on your behalf. But please always remember to let us know if your address or any other pertinent information changes!

An additional option is the Pet Microchip Lookup which is a great alternative for those who have lost all their information except the microchip number.

It isn’t just the microchip that will bring your dog home, it is ensuring that the people who find him can find you!