Military Hero Dog
| October 25th, 2012

A Message from the 2012 Military Hero Dog of the Year

Military Hero Dog

This is a message that we at the Zoom Room, the official Community Sponsor of the 2012 Hero Dog Awards, received from the winner of the Military Hero Dog of the Year. (Well, from his owner and handler, not from Gabe himself…)

Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Sergeant First Class Shuck of the US Army and my retired partner Gabe was selected as the 2012 Military hero dog of the year and then the 2012 American Hero dog. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your gracious support of the American Humane Assoc and the Hero Dog Awards. Many of you I have talked to on the phone and for you all that were busy and I got voicemail, I left you a message.

I know Gabe and I speak for the other 7 hero finalists and their owners when I say how honored and humbled we are that we were a part of this special event. Every dog is a hero and everyone won before the voting even got started because when you read the amazing stories of not just the finalist, but of all 359 dogs that entered. They are all winners.

Your sponsorship is just simply amazing and we cannot thank you enough. This is what makes America so great because of people like you and the companies you either own or represent so please pass on my sincerest thanks to every single person in your organization that supports the American Humane Assoc.

In closing, I truly hope that you will once again be a part of this special event next year for the 2013 Hero Dog Awards. Gabe and I will continue to bring cheer around the United States and we will proudly say that we are with the proudest organization that represents all animals and that’s the American Humane Assoc

Please tune in Nov 8th on the Hallmark channel to watch Gabe and his good friends and of course the precious Betty White.

Chuck and Gabe

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