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Zoom Room Milwaukee Reviews

Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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Gretchen was terrific. Extremely informative, gentle with the puppies yet firm with the parents to make sure they were correctly executing the training.

- Betsy Wyatt, who enjoyed puppy socialization for puppies under 3 months with Chili

It was a proud moment when my dog was able to complete the course off leash by class end. Gretchen does a great job of keeping things moving and recognizing dog issues.

- Trina K., who enjoyed Agility 1

The instructor is very knowledgeable and patient. It was a great experience for both myself and my dog Toby. I found myself cheering for the other dogs in the class when they performed their tasks and learned new obstacles. Signed up and have completed Agility 2 and will be starting Obedience 2 next. Great way to learn new things with your dog. Toby is 7..... I'm 65, who says old dogs can't learn new tricks!!!

- Peg C., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Toby

Loved the classes! The instructors are great and the environment is perfect.

- Felicia Miller, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Bo

I could tell a huge difference in my dog

- Courtney C., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Agility 2 was a fun class. Gretchen was great at noticing the strengths and weakness in the communication between Kay T. and me and giving encouragement and great critique to improve our agility abilities.

- Laura J., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Kay T

AGiltiy 2 is a great course that works toward the dogs doing more off-leash obstacles using the owners verbal commands along with hand signals. It is challenging but amazing to see how the dog's confidence is built up every week! where Cooper was very leery about the teeter-totter board, he was guided by Gretchen in a very non-threatening, patient manner until he gained the confidence, and he succeeded! As an owner, I learned so much, and will continue to attend Zoom Room classes with Cooper until he is ready for Therapy dog training.

- Carmen Berte, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Cooper

Zoom Room is the best place to take your dog! We have been taking Riley since she was about 9 weeks old and started in puppy preschool. Last week she became a Canine Good Citizen and we owe it all to Gretchen, Sam and Carla. Everyone who works there is just magnificent with dogs and they are so helpful with all of our questions. I definitely recommend going to Zoom Room and look forward to checking out Rally Obedience this Fall.

- Kaitlin, who enjoyed Puppy Pre-School - Canine Good Citizen with Riley

I really liked the small class and the instructor was very knowledgable.

- jane hendrickson, who enjoyed obedience with mable

Loved the class and Cooper is learning so many things:) He is only 9 months old but I can tell already how much he is responding to my commands!

- Carmen Berte, who enjoyed obedience 1 with Cooper

When I got Maeby (at the time, 14 week old rough collie pup), I was told by friends about Zoom Room opening in my neighborhood. We walked into the store one day looking for advice on obedience lessons, crate training, treats she could have etc. I was nervous about having a brand new puppy. Gretchen and her staff were very knowledgeable, empathetic, and friendly from our first visit. She met Maeby, gave me sound advice (and calmed me down!), and we then got her enrolled in obedience class. Over the last 6 months, my pup and I have learned a lot - we passed the Obedience 1 and Puppy Agility classes (which are very well organized and follow a great lesson plan), and will soon be starting Obedience 2, working toward the Canine Good Citizen test - then on to more advanced agility because my dog really enjoys it and LOVES going to Zoom Room. And nothing beats a tired, happy dog.

Thank you Gretchen and staff!

Crystal and Maeby

- Crystal L., who enjoyed Obedience 1, Puppy Agility with Maeby

Bodie and I got some great tips during this course to help us BOTH during our walks together. This is our second class with Gretchen ("Come When Called" was the first) and she really makes it fun to learn!

- Karen D., who enjoyed Leash Walking with Bodie

This was our eighth time. In a word Fabulous!

- Herb Quigley, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Morticia

Gretchen was hands on and specific on critique of my training techniques with KayT. Helped me recognize areas of improvement and acknowledged accomplishments.

- Laura, who enjoyed Private Training 1/2 hour with KayT

It's been great. Gretchen is patient with the dogs, and people, and very encouraging. Eddie has come a long way.

- Catherine, who enjoyed Agility classes and obedience with Eddie

Great class. I really like the way Gretchen interacts with the dogs and the people. She treats the dogs like individuals too, which is great. She is SO helpful and approachable. I would enthusiastically recommend the Zoom Room and Gretchen's classes.

- Meg S., who enjoyed Obedience 2

Gretchen is a great instructor.

- Maria, who enjoyed Obedience 1

The class was very organized and everything taught in a clear and understandable manner.

- Jeri Lawrence, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Enzo

I'm so glad we did this. Tillie has always been great at agility stuff, so having her in this class made her happy to be around people, which is our main goal with her. Gretchen understands our sensitive dog and gives great advice. We're coming back for Agility 2.

- Nikki D., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Tillie

Excellent class. Got to practice every step of the CGC test before taking it. It was fun to watch Lola grow and have fun in this class. The gentle, positive training techniques and trainer as well as the calm atmosphere made it fulfilling not only for Lola, but also for me! Will definitely sign up for another class.

- RJ, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Lola

Pearl and I love Zoom Room! This is our 4th class there and we enjoy it more and more each week. She has come so far in such a short time, and Gretchen is to thank for that. We passed the CGC test on our first time, which would have been absolutely impossible without Zoom Room! I highly recommend Zoom Room to anyone and everyone.

- Beth G, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Pearl

This was a great experience for my dog and I! I really think she knew when it was Saturday and she got to go "play" at the Zoom Room! I am really looking forward to continuing our training.

- Cindy Walker, who enjoyed Agility I with Kaire

I've done some at home training before, but nothing beats having a professional dog trainer observing how I train my rescue dog and teaching me how to better train her. The trainer Gretchen is not only great with the dogs but also great at training the humans on training their dogs. Nice facility, always kept clean, and supportive atmosphere with the employees. I had a 15 minute consult session with Gretchen and she was able to determine appropriate level of dog classes. So far completed Obedience 2, Shy Dog and will definitely be back for more courses.

- Laura K., who enjoyed Shy Dog & Obedience 2

We really enjoyed going to Zoom Room - we learned lots as did Willie! We rescued him from really no training and so all the manners, etc were very helpful to us. Sam did a great job every week of walking us through the classes and did a great job. Thank you!

- Jessie N., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Willie

Doing agility with my dog has been a great experience. We've completed agility 1 and are now at the end of agility 2. My dog and I both have a lot fun. It's a workout for my dog, plus my dog is learning a lot of good behaviors at class. One of the coolest things is that now, in agility, my dog is doing very well with little or no leash (inside the facility). It's also nice to lead the dogs in a positive reinforcement style learning process. The instructor is awesome and very knowledgeable. Every time I go outside for a walk, my dog pulls in the direction of Zoom Room (no kidding).

- Alex F., who enjoyed Agility 2

Such a great place clean & fun. They make you feel so welcome. We do not live near the place at all and have attended other places for classes but never anyplace but Zoom Room now. The instructor is so kind, informative & we have found out things other instructors have not gone into. The size of training area is great and so impressed how clean and no strong dog smells. The dog socials are run great & number of dogs limited which is great as you are able to keep track of your dog to keep it safe. We like it there and bought private gym time to help us with needed fun and time to work on our skills to get us through the winter. In summer we will take more classes.

- Kathy Hayes, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 plus have been going to the small dog socials for 2 years along with the special dog parties. with Angus

Zoom Room has been great! This was our second class and can't wait to take another one. Gretchen is a great instructor!

- Abbey R., who enjoyed Come When Called

Tricks 1 Class was fun for both me and my dog. As always Gretchen is a great instructor. Can't wait for the next class!

- Abbey, who enjoyed Tricks 1 with Reggie

Absolutely fabulous!

- Herb Quigley, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Morticia

Gretchen went above and beyond and gave me advice and tips for many concerns I had with my dog. She emailed me and also took extra time after class to help me and give me insight. She also followed up and asked how it was going with the problems she helped me address. I feel like she gave my dog extra attention and I appreciated that.

- Valerie M., who enjoyed Obedience 1

I like the small class size, instructors are very knowledgable, the flex schedule is very appealing, so sorry they are closing(milwaukee location)

- Lorraine Pagel, who enjoyed puppy obedience, puppy agility with Finnegan

We loved this class! Daisy loves coming to the Zoom Room - everyone is so friendly and helpful!

- Kate M., who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Daisy

I love going to the Zoom Room. Gretchen is a very positive instructor. My dog absolutely adores her. She is inventive with distraction games and is quick to show the humans how to reinforce good behavior more quickly.

- Judith Ormond, who enjoyed obediance 3 plus agility and some private with Poochini

Great instructor that worked equally with all dogs and owners. She's able to quickly respond to errors and offer corrections and tips.

- Peggy Morsch, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Hellie

Gretchen Kabler is a wonderful instructor! Rockwell, my Aussie, loves the Zoom Room!

- Lori W., who enjoyed Private Training with Rockwell

We love taking our dog, Penny, to Zoom Room, and she loves it there! The classes are fun for both humans and dogs and the training makes a huge difference in her behavior. We are very glad we started her as a puppy because she has become a calm, well-mannered family dog. Thanks Zoom Room!

- Deb A., who enjoyed Puppy Obedience, Obedience 1, Obedience 2, Therapy Dog with Penny

Sequoia needed a refresher class for basic obedience skills. Gretchen was kind enough to add another class to the already existing schedule to accomodate the additional people (including me) who wanted to take the class but were not available when the class was originally offered.

Sequoia thoroughly enjoyed Obedience 1 and he loved getting to try out the agility equipment on the last day of class. We are considering enrolling him in Obedience 2 or an Agility 1 class because we had such a positive experience with Obedience 1! I would recommend Zoom Room to anyone; it's a positive environment and your dog will love it!

- Robin M., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Sequoia

Loved Agility 1- I got to see a motivated, enthused side of my Tally that our everyday lives rarely show me. I enjoyed seeing the sometimes dramatic improvement from class to class and even sometimes within a few minutes of one class. Gretchen is a very pleasant, patient instructor.

- Nicki Waliszewski, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Talia

Fantastic. Gretchen is a wonderful instructor and the class is very fun. By far the best trainer I've ever worked with.

- Andrea Puetz, who enjoyed Rally 1 with Lucy

Jackson and I have attended 5 classes at Zoom Room in Milwaukee and have loved the experience! These classes are extremely informative and useful for myself and my new pup. I partically enjoy the time to practice, the handy tips, the time for questions, and socialization time for the puppies. I find both instructors to be extremely knowledgeable and approachable. I have even called with more specific questions in between classes and have had these questions answered. I have already recommended these classes to friends and think this is such a great option for puppy/dog-owners in Milwaukee! The Zoom Room is my first place to go for getting Jackson a new toy or trying out some new training treats. Their prices are pretty good compared to other pet stores and online. I love that they have puppy socials available for dogs over 4 months and cannot wait to bring Jackson to these when he is old enough! My experience as a new puppy-owner has been greatly improved by my involvement in the Zoom Room classes : )

- Jessica, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool and Puppy Obediance with Jackson

Awesome!! So good for all of us! It's great to watch the "kiddos" have a good time and burn off some energy!

- Deanna, who enjoyed Agility 2 and Agility 4 with Chewy and Lucy

Gretchen is great. Clear with directions, patient. Very kind toward my dog.

- Betsy Van Horn, who enjoyed Tricks and private lessons for behavior with Chico



- Adriana Guevara, who enjoyed Tricks with Macho

One word--awesome. Clean, relaxed atmosphere is a plus. Gretchen is always helpful beyond class time. I am comstantly recommending the zoom room to my friends with dogs.

- Kathy Kas-Amby, who enjoyed Small breed playtime, agility classes, clinic, league, rally obedience, open g with Rumiko (Ru)

Good instructor whose patience really allowed her to work with each dog. It was easy to understand and learn how to use the techniques in class and apply them outside of class.

- Mary Calhoun, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Bella

I adopted Stella in October 2013, and decided I'd like to train her to eventually become a therapy dog. I had heard about Zoom Room - Milwaukee's excellent classes and facility, so I signed Stella up for a Private Gym session so we could both preview the facilities. I was very impressed, and decided to sign up for Obedience 1. Gretchen and Sam taught us so much about working together. Class was truly enjoyable and it's remarkable how much we learned in just 6 classes. I will definitely sign up for additional classes and would recommend Zoom Room and Gretchen to anyone looking to train.

- Michelle L., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Stella

Odin is a very sensitive little dog who becomes overwhelmed easily and would not have not well in an agility class with other dogs. Odin learned how to navigate the different pieces of equipment with Gretchen's very patient approach and helped Odin overcome fears - turning some of the scarier things (all things can be scary to Odin) into a game for him.

- Kaare L, who enjoyed Private Agility Lessons with Odin

It was a great class that gave us the tools to help our shy dog deal with his stressors.

- Kelly Beth, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Cobb Beth

I have had my pug enrolled here in agility since September. Not only does he absolutely love it (he practically breaks out of the car to get into the facility!), he's doing far better than I could ever have imagined. He is doing things off leash and listening and focusing on me. I went into this thinking my pug was rather wild and it would take years to get to where he is now! Gretchen, the owner and trainer, has a great way with the dogs. She is a patient, positive, and upbeat person who really keeps the classes fun. There is no embarrassment if your dog needs a little extra time to learn something. Only positive methods are used here! There's a place for friends or family to sit and watch the class, too. Also great products for sale. Very happy taking classes here!

- Krystal P., who enjoyed Agility 1

Kaya is in love with Gretchen, what more is there to say? Seriously, Gretchen is very good with all breeds, training and offering solutions to questions that come up. She is also flexible and accommodating.

- Katherine Murray, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Kaya

Awesome! Gretchen is great! Supportive, knowledgeable, caring for both the dogs and me and she makes it fun for all of us!!

- Deanna Mueller, who enjoyed Advanced Agility and Agility League with Chewy and Lucy

I would just like to say that the last class (last night) went very well and seemed more structured and more supportive of our goals toward becoming a Therapy Team, with good review of the requirements for testing, some practice on our weaker points and even a fun game.

- Trisha Baird, who enjoyed Therapy Dog Class with Cider Baird

Awesome experience. We will be back for more classes.

- Dee S., who enjoyed Obedience 2

Both my dog and I have a great time in classes. And much to my amazement, she performed the exercises on her own, just as she was supposed to, in the last class.

- Tim S., who enjoyed Agility 1

Along with a handful of other classes we've attended at Zoom Room, Bodie and I are working privately with Gretchen on behavior issues. Just as we enjoy the classes, I can't say enough about the techniques and advice I've received from Gretchen. It has been so helpful! You're the best!

- Karen Dalessandro, who enjoyed Private training and Agility clinic with Bodie

Gretchen, thank you for your assistance in training me as well as Dave. Dave learned a lot in 6 weeks. Dave entered the class as a highly anxious puppy and finished the classes with a better attitude and less stressed. Dave learned to focus on me and less on the distractions. The greatest gift for me is that Dave learned the word "leave it". The word leave it has helped in many situations and has helped Dave become a much more focused dog. Dave loved coming to Zoom Room because of the rewards for good actions but the open space provided him more room and less stress. Thank you! We will be back.

- Joanne S., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Dave

Agility 1 was a great experience for both me and my dog. Lots of fun and exercise for us both. It was especially helpful because it give my young dog both mental and physical stimulation and further strengthened our already strong bond. I'd recommend Agility 1 to everyone with a dog, but it's invaluable to people with young, smart, energetic dogs. Looking forward to more agility classes!

- Brooke T., who enjoyed Agility 1

David loved the class! We are excited for therapy training now!

- Kathleen R., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with David

I would highly recommend Zoom Room for any dog owner. I adopted a five-year-old yellow lab that had no previous training. We started with Obedience 1 and this was our fifth class, therapy dog. The improvements Buddy has made are amazing! Thank you Gretchen!

- Christine, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Buddy

Had a great time! Molly did too! Gretchen and the staff are awesome. I'm new in town do don't have anyone to recommend Zoom Room to, but if I did I would!

- Wes G., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Molly

Gretchen and her team did a great job! It is a lovely facility and Penny is happy to officially be a canine good citizen!

- John, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2 with Penny


- Danielle Stage, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Dax

We have learned a ton in class and have had fun working with Abby at home. She fully enjoys the class and seems to like working on various skills.

- Sue Dugan, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, puppy obedience with Abby

Cider has had so much fun! She has learned a ton, and a lot of it was paying better attention to what I wanted her to do. She was timid so I was worried about the ramp and bridge not going well, but she embraced the activities and did very well. She always looks so happy when we return home after class! I highly recommend!!!

- Trisha Baird, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Cider Baird

It's been a great experience, we're learning lots and my dog absolutely loves coming for class.

- Crystal Doro, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Joey

Lemon and I had a great experience in the Obedience 2 class. I have seen a huge improvement in Lemon's focus during exciting situations and her down and sit stays are very solid. Lemon is a very smart dog and it's important for her to be mentally stimulated, this class has definitely challenged her and she leaves the class happy and tired!

- Emily, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Lemon

The Obedience 2 class was a great experience for us and Marley. We enjoyed it and feel that we both learned a lot. I'll definitely recommend to friends with dogs!

- Henry M., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Marley

The Obedience 1 class was amazing and helped our dog a great deal. I'll definitely be bringing my dog back for more classes.

- Marques B., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Gretchen has such a great way about her - clear and kind. Really, class just flew by. I loved seeing Sylar's many sides during the class. And pride at his bazillion accomplishments. (They pack a ton into an hour!) Count us in for more.

- Debbie Mellor, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Sylar

I was not sure if Olive (a rescued cairn) would like agility as she is not very flexible, springy or eager to please. Gretchen made the equipment and experience suitably playful for Olive who ended up having far more fun that I expected. Olive loved mastering the different obstacles and I think developed a bit more confidence as a result.

- Kaare L, who enjoyed Private Agility with Olive

Finding the Zoom Room was the best thing that we could have done for our dog Bella. Since we have been participating in agility Bella and I have learned to communicate in much more meaningful and useful ways!! She has learned to focus on me intently and gets so much joy out of running through the course. Gretchen and Sam have been incredibly patient teachers, helping me to improve my concentration and coordination skills as much as they have Bella's!! I would recommend that anyone who wants to get the most out of their relationship with their dog visit the Zoom Room in Milwaukee.

- Melanie W., who enjoyed obedience classes, agility classes and agility league with Bella

Zoom Room is a phenomenal facility supported by an excellent staff. The instructor is knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. Most importantly, it is an extremely fun experience and a great way to spend an hour with your munchkin. Everyone gets very excited when someone's dog makes even a little breakthrough. It's very sweet. I look forward to taking additional programs with Zoom Room.

- Bryan H., who enjoyed Agility 1

Emma learned so much starting at 8 weeks. Gretchen is a fabulous instructor who listens to every dog owner's concerns and makes training a wonderful experience for the dogs. The facility is immaculate and I always feel my puppy is safe being there.

- Sally Klingler, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool, Puppy Obedience and Puppy Playtime with Emma

We enjoy coming, Gretchen has made a special advanced agility class and this is probably the 3rd time we've taken agility 4.

- Crystal Doro, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Joey

Gus and I learned a lot and more than that it was a positive fun experience. We were able to do things that I never thought we could do (example: the titter-totter).

- Carol Holley, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Gus

Gretchen was very accomodating in scheduling sessions. I learned a lot as did my dog, Cooper. He had a blast and we will be utilizing the private gym and maybe more agility class lessons in the future.

I also had a dog birthday party for Cooper a few weeks back. The staff were great and all of the dogs had a lot of fun.

- Christine Krizek, who enjoyed Private Agility Training & Dog Birthday Party with Cooper

These classes were great. Very enjoyable, and it was so much fun to see Lucy progressing and doing so well. Sam, our trainer, is patient, knowledgeable, and really made it a positive experience.

- John DeStefanis, who enjoyed Agility 1 and Agility 2 with Lucy

Worked out really well for both Eddie and me

- Catherine, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Eddie

Both Morticia and I love the time we spend at Zoom Room. The staff is uniformly terrific. The equipment is first class. The physical space is squeaky clean. In short - terrific!

- Herb Quigley, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Morticia

I love our time at Zoom Room and with Gretchen! She is a great teacher, and Cooper is blossoming under her directions. It is amazing how he has responded to the various commands, and how effective her method of training is! He was only 10 weeks old when we started and all pup, but now at 6 months, he's a well-behaved young adult! We plan on going through all the classes to train Cooper to become a Therapy Dog. He will either be working with Senior Citizens or young children with special needs. He has so much love to share that he will bring great joy to whomever he meets!

- Carmen Berte, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool, and now Puppy Obedience with Cooper

We loved the class and really, really enjoyed working with Gretchen. Ziggy looked forward to the class each week, he was really excited on Saturday mornings. Everything she taught was easily manageable, really worked and was fun. We are definitely coming back for more classes and I am just so happy to have found a fun bonding activity for us and have the place located in our neighborhood. Really fantastic.

- Margaret Trotter, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Ziggy

Wonderful class and instruction. Thanks so much, we really enjoyed our time in class.

- Jennifer R., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Parker

When I asked my obedience-minded friends where they took their dogs to school, I kept hearing reccomendations for Zoom Room. The positive behavior reinforcement and flexible scheduling options were what really convinced us to try it and we have been very happy with our experiences! Bonnie can be very reactive and having her around a new group of dogs weekly is an important challenge for her. I have been delighted to see that all human families and canine clients are greeted warmly and treated respectfully.

- Johanna M., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Bonnie

The class was fun. Kay T. is a sheltie. By the second session she was wagging her tail indicating happiness to be there. It was a good challenge for her and for me in training her. Would recommend this course to anyone interested in increasing their bond with their pet. Gretchen was very patient with teaching me how to guide her through the obstacles and patient with other members of the class too

- LJK, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Kay T.

We have completed 5 puppy preschool classes and learned something new at each session.
These classes are the only off leash play times that Winston has with other puppies his age/size and he had a great time. The facility was always very neat and clean. Training was
well organized and fun for the humans and puppies.

- Jim & Charlie, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Winston

Curtis, My now 1.5 yr old cattle dog mix started with puppy classes at zoom room, continued with agility, and most recently completed obedience 3/passed his CGC test. Gretchen did a great job catering to each "team" individually while keeping the class fun and challenging for everyone. Curtis and I had a blast and will continue to recommend the zoom room!

- Pat W, who enjoyed Obedience 3/ CGC test with Curtis

Wonderful class and instructor! Gretchen is very knowledgeable and creative. I will be taking more classes in the future!!

- Kelly Durow, who enjoyed Obedience I with Millie

I can't say enough great things about the Zoom Room. We started about six months ago with Obedience 2 and learned so much control that passing the Canine Good Citizen test was a breeze -- an unbelievable accomplishment for our high-energy, high-anxiety, highly "independent" schipperke.

We started Agility to help expel some energy and keep working on positive behaviors, and Chewie's behavior and temperament has visibly improved both inside and outside of class.
Not only that, but as an owner, I have learned better tools to maintain my dog's attention and to encourage/demand good behavior.

Sam is a fantastic agility instructor, and she readily modifies activities to suit each dog's needs while still encouraging progress. Chewie and I are very excited to begin Agility 2 next month, and we hope to continue "working out" at the Zoom Room for a very long time! Thanks for being such amazing and understanding instructors.

- Sara M., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Chewie

There was very obvious and amazing changes in the behavior of several dogs. I think the classes are well worth the time.

- Cindy S., who enjoyed Obedience 1

It was absolutely awesome! You did a great job of tailoring to all the "special needs" of the dogs in class - a difficult task!

- Gracie's Mom, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Gracie

I've taken classes for our other dog at another training facility and found this experience to be far superior. I had expected much of the same training methods that I already knew and was surprised to learn many more. Our dog was always engaged and even though he is pretty hyper, he learned to stay on task quickly. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone.

- Tricia O., who enjoyed Adult dog training classes with Blue

We are sad to be finishing Agility 3! Jester, Ben and I have such a good time at Zoom Room, it brightens up our Mondays! Looking forward to our next class!

- Allie R., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Jester

I love the Zoom Room and would 100% recommend it! Gretchen and the staff are wonderful--very helpful and knowledgable. I appreciate the care and time they give each puppy/dog.

- Jacqueline, who enjoyed puppy obedience with Wendell

The classes were super; two regular classes [Shy Dog] and one private series for agility. Molly learned so much and more than we thought she could do. She loves to go to dog school so much that we have signed up to return for open gym as often as possible. Molly is blooming. She was an extremely shy dog. Now she is gaining confidence and (on her own terms) trying new things. She's six and is still learning. Gretchen is the best; patient, happy, and you can tell she loves what she does. She also shares pride in your dog's accomplishments. I wish we would have found the Zoom Room sooner and would recommend Zoom Room to anyone with a dog, as it teaches you so much about dog/human interaction. Thank you Zoom Room!

- Alex B., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Molly

We acquired Travis as an adult dog, 2-1/2 yrs old, from a whippet breeder in Milwaukee who had him trained for basic obedience, agility, and lure coursing. As new owners, Gretchen & Co helped set our expectations for obedience with Travis, and help us learn how to set HIS expectations for acceptable behavior for us. Travis came from a free-for-all home environment with 6 other whippets, to a new home with a one-dog pack and 2 new humans; a radical change for him. Gretchen was very helpful in making suggestions on how to correct some new behaviors that appeared as he acclimatized to our home (velcro-dog syndrome, and stress whining), as well as encouraging us, as new owners, on how to train him properly and how to recognize and avoid having him train us.

- Peter Zalinski, who enjoyed Obedience I with Travis

Zoom room is great and always provides personal attention to each dog and adjusts as needed to learn a new trick or rule

- Kate, who enjoyed Tricks and Obedience with Lucy

Love it, love it, love it!!! Chewy loves the activity and his time with other dogs. Gretchen is beyond patient with helping me guide Chewy! She has continual work to train me!!!

- Deanna Mueller, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Lucy

I've taken a couple of classes with my girls at ZoomRoom over the last year and they love it. Gretchen and Sam are amazing with both those 4 legged and 2 legged. It's such a great atmosphere and my girls love coming there be it for class or some fun during private gym time.

- Jennifer, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Ginger

We've had a great time doing Agility 1. Gretchen even allowed us to attend another concurrent class when we couldn't make one of the regular class times, so we didn't fall behind by missing a week. Thistle gets really excited when I ask her if she wants to go to the 'Zoomy Room'. It's her favorite place.

- Faith, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Thistle

It was a great experience, I have been able to watch my dog grow and learn inside and outside of the class. Gretchen is a great instructor. Gretchen provides great support and ideas when you and your dog need it.

- Vicki Lupo, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Lulu

We absolutely love the Zoom Room! It's been so great to do something new with our dog that she really enjoys. We hope to take more classes in the future and try out Agility League on Thursdays. Thanks again Gretchen!

- Leslie & Josh B., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Maple

Gretchen is fabulous. We had a wonderful experience and have just signed up for Agility 2.

- Kim R., who enjoyed Agility 1

It is so darn much fun and certainly has lessened my worries about exercising in the cold winter!

- Barb F., who enjoyed Agility 1

I love the classes. They are very helpful and enlightening!

- Sue K, who enjoyed obedience 1, 2, 3 with Pilot

These lessons have improved Henry's focus and have motivated him to pay attention better. Gretchen is observant and precise in offering prompt and helpful hints, somehow managing to give individual advice to all participants. If I could ever develop as much patience as she shows, it likely would be the major accomplishment of my life.

- John, who enjoyed Rally Obedience with Henry

We love it. Gives us both a workout.

- Barbara Franzen, who enjoyed agility 3 and trick class with Starfish

Kyle and I loved bringing Gordon here to help us learn how to mold him into the best Westie ever. Gordon always knew when we were coming to class and would excitedly speed up our walk. All three women who helped us (Gretchen, Sam, and Carla) were patient and amazing. Gordon especially LOVED the agility class. We're sad this location is closing in a month.

- Megan, who enjoyed Puppy obedience and puppy agility with Gordon

I couldn't be more pleased. Millie and I look forward to visiting the Zoom Room every week! The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The classes are a great size and yet there is a lot of individualized attention. The Zoom Room staff go out of their way to answer questions, find products and provide recommendations. Moving to a new city can be lonely, but I consider the Zoom Room to be family!

- Katelyn Blair, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience, Puppy Agility, Obedience 1, Obedience 2 with Millie Blair

The class was great! The instructor took extra time with my dog and I who needed a little extra help, I really appreciated this! I would definitely take another class here and have already recommended it to many of my friends!!

- Jackie, who enjoyed Agility 1

Another GREAT class at Zoom Room! Looking forward to Rally Obedience 2 class!

- Abbey, who enjoyed Rally Obedience with Reggie

We had a great time and learned a lot. Gretchen is very patient and kind. She really knew what we needed to work on.

- Keri T, who enjoyed Therapy dog with mac

Zoom Room is a much needed addition to the East Side of Milwaukee! It's wonderful to have such a convenient and nice, clean and cheerful place to take dogs for training and fun.

- Brooke T., who enjoyed Agility 2

This was a wonderful class. We have spent the past three years looking for a CGC training class that taught positive reinforcement and we finally found Zoom Room. Holly is a wonderful instructor. She is always calm and incredibly knowledgable. She was actually the first trainer we worked with after I adopted Shasta from the Humane Society. I couldn't be more pleased with how this class was run. Even if we don't pass the CGC test right away, Shasta has made tremendous progress and I know that she is a well behaved dog. Thank you Holly and Zoom Room! :)

- Kayti Bartholomew, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Shasta

I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the classes at Zoom Room Milwaukee. I really really enjoyed my first class today with my pomeranian Sonic. He has a lot of energy and loves trying novel things so we thought agility might be good for him. The class was really great!! I was a little apprehensive at first ("puppy" agility? so the idea is have a class full of puppies and we think this is going to end with something getting done.....?) I was skeptical, but the pace of the class was great. Not too fast, but definitely not too slow that Sonic got bored. There were exercises you could do while waiting to work on the equipment and we switched between equipment just often enough that the dogs were beginning to feel comfortable, but not getting bored with the same old thing. In just an hour class we did table, weave pole, a frame, bridge, tunnel, and jump exercises. The dogs were comfortable, not rushed, and had a great time. In my class there were four dogs including Sonic. They were of varying sizes but the teacher was really good at keeping everyone focused on the owners.

The teacher (Sam) was very knowledgeable, extremely patient, tailored everything to the degree of experience of the individual dog, very positive and encouraging. I can't say enough nice things about her, she's absolutely great. She made sure all the dogs were safe, the first time Sonic tried the bridge she stayed very near his other side to be sure he didn't slide off. I was very grateful for this because even though it was a low fall I think it made him feel more comfortable. She's a really great teacher.

The class was wonderful, if you're thinking about taking classes I really encourage you to try Zoom Room. They have flexible class packs that include a free initial class where you are instructed on positive reinforcement force free training, clicker training, basic dog body language, and more.

The facility initially seems kind of small and when I first drove up I was concerned but once you get inside it's actually deceptively spacious. There is only a relatively small area dedicated to products and the rest of the room is open space for classes. It provided more than enough room. The facility was also clean and comfortable with cute touches like their chalk board wall and fun treats and toys for sale.

I highly recommend Zoom Room to anyone considering classes.
Even stopping in you'll immediately see the staffs commitment to providing a positive environment and a clean facility.

I really can't say enough good things about Zoom Room and I cannot wait to be back!

- Rebecca Robinson, who enjoyed Puppy Agility with Sonic

I have loved and enjoyed mine and Ari's time at the Zoom Room. Gretchen is a wonderful instructor who provides simple explanations with a rationale as to why and how the techniques we are learning work and how to keep progressing at home. She manages to give all clients some individual attention in class and really gets to know the puppies.

- Sonia V, who enjoyed Puppy obedience, puppy socials with Ari

I thought it was great. Both Lucy and I learned a lot!! So very glad we did it:) Would definitely recommed to others.

- Marlo P., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Lucy

My Sophie loved agility class at Zoom Room. Gretchen is great in teaching not only the dogs but people as well. A great environment to play and learn with your dog...definitely will be coming back.

- Jennifer, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Sophie

Loved it!!! Definitely have seen a change in our dog and would recommend classes to friends!

- Alyssa, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Driver

We love the Zoom Room! Stalin loves going, and he's learned so much and is doing great. Gretchen is a great trainer, the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. She also adapts to special needs the dog may dog has teeter fear, and she's come up with a way to ease him into it and he's overcoming his fear.

- Krystal P, who enjoyed Agility with Stalin

Gretchen and Sam are amazing! They really make you feel like you're part of a community. They offer great advice and awesome tips for working at home with the puppies. They let you know right away things you are doing incorrectly and show you what will work so the dogs learn the tricks correctly. Riley has really matured with the classes and is loving learning. The best is she is exhausted when she leaves class each week!

- Kaitlin Torres, who enjoyed Puppy Pre-School, Puppy Obedience, Puppy Agility, Obedience 101 with Riley

Kudos and warm thanks to Holly and Sam for a terrific first training session and ALSO for their great advice (and salespersonship). The feeding toy is flipping fabulous. Ditto the walking harness. Joe and I were really impressed w/ the whole experience and are looking forward to next week. :)

- Betsy, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Atticus

Gretchen has a really wonderful way about her, both with the owners and the dogs. She is calm and kind and has a genuine love for all dogs. I looked forward to going as much as my Lily who would go to live at Gretchen's in a heart beat. Her little tail almost wagged off, the minute she saw Gretchen each week. I am happy to report that Lily has learned so much at Zoom Room under Gretchens instruction!

- Valerie M, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Lily

Gretchen and Sam

- Kathleen Kas-Amby, who enjoyed Scent class, Agility clinic, Agility leaguer with Rumiko

This was our first experience at the Zoom Room and we couldn't be happier! Gretchen is extremely patient, encouraging and has a great rapport with both humans and dogs. Although my dog has picked up on things very swiftly I am amazed by Gretchen's ability to tailor her approach to each dog's unique needs. I am so very pleased that I saw Gretchen talking about the Zoom Room on TV6 news that day! We can't wait to start agility 2 !!

- Melanie W., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Bella

Both my dogs (but especially my little girl) loved the class as did I. Searching for a smell for a treat fit so naturally for my little cairns. The class was structured well to help build up to finding scents in more and more challenging exercises. A class that is great fun!

- Kaare L, who enjoyed Scent Class with Olive and Odin

This location is so convenient and our class was at lunchtime, so it didn't interfere with my schedule. Lunchtime is when I normally take the dog out to walk and play. Having a class at that time seemed natural for her, so she responded really well. Gretchen spent lots of time with each owner and dog and even allowed a little relaxed play time at the end of each class. Training is much easier in a venue where your dog is happy and relaxed.

- Faith S., who enjoyed Obedience 1

We had a great time! Gretchen makes the courses challenging but fun. She' runs and teaches a great class.

- KK Herkert, who enjoyed Rally 2 with Henley

Our experience, up to now, with dogs has been limited to grown-up, rescue dogs. Training our new puppy has been a success with the careful guidance of the pros at the Zoom Room! We always feel welcome and appreciate the patience shown to us with our rowdy puppy!

- Chris, who enjoyed Puppy Class (6) Tuesdays with Ike Sebastian vom Hessenjaeger SW

Loved it!

- Debbie Mellor, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Sylar

The Zoom Room is wonderful! My dog and I adore coming for classes, special events, or even just to say hi during our regular walks. The staff have been helpful both in and out of class; they are always ready to offer suggestions to first-time dog owners like me. The classes are informative and have really helped me get obedience and discipline under control. But they aren't so strict and serious that we don't have any fun. It's obvious from the way my dog runs into the building that he thinks all the classes are a blast. I highly recommend the Zoom Room!

- Bridget K., who enjoyed Agility 2

It was a positive experience. I didn't think I would like the rotating guest but it worked out great! It helped Kaya over come her fear of new dogs with behaviors they were looking to work on. Sam and Holly are wonderful and Gretchen is very knowledgeable about dogs. She could see that Kaya was a reactive dog not an aggressive dog. I learned how to read my dog well too. She had a successful calls and we are looking forward to moving up to Obedience 3

- Kat Murray, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Kaya

I showed up for my first day of Puppy Preschool after having had my puppy for 10 days and was feeling completely overwhelmed (to put it mildly). Gretchen saved my sanity. I had no idea how little I knew about raising a puppy but after just 3 weeks we have made so much progress and I no longer walk around on the verge of tears, my puppy knows many commands and she (and I) have met some really great people and puppies. My first 6-class pass may be up, but I am about to buy another.

- Jen Walsh, who enjoyed Puppy Preschoo and Obedience with Dory

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!

- Deanna Mueller, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Chewy and Lucy

The class was terrific! I was amazed at how much both of us learned and how much Wilson could do as a result of this class. Gretchen had high expectations and gave us all the support we needed to reach them. A bonus for me was meeting the others (people and dogs) in the class - a great group!

- Judy Winn, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Wilson

It was so much fun. A great way to have some stimulating play time with my dog. I'm not very good at being creative on my own so this was great! Teddy and I plan on continuing on to Agility II.

- Mary Tarney, who enjoyed Agility 1

Very good. Instructor is thorough and patient. Positive praise for 'parent's' and puppies! She also took time out for individual counseling and to address questions.

- Kristy, who enjoyed puppy obedience with Skylar

Great class--Sam and everyone else at Zoom Room cares about the pups, and their people. I have been impressed with the level of service they have all provided in helping us bring up our puppy. Sam and Gretchen are very professional, and have taught us a positive comfortable way to work with Abby. Agility is fun for her, and challenges her to be more confident in a new situation.

- Sue Dugan, who enjoyed Puppy Agility with Abby

We LOVED classes at Zoom Room. We learned something new every time we were in, oftentimes during class as well as before/after class just chatting with Gretchen and Carla. There was always time to ask about any training questions or concerns we had, and the team at Milwaukee Zoom Room was extremely helpful and skilled. We will seriously miss Zoom Room when it closes in January and are very grateful we were able to do so many classes there during Leo's first few months.

- Becky G., who enjoyed Puppy classes, Obedience 1 & 2 with Leo

These classes help with socialization as well as training the owner/pet. I would recommend these classes in addition to the books I read and the experience I had with a childhood puppy. Its like a gym pays off in the long run.

- David R, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool / Puppy Obedience with Moose

Great time and bonding time with Angus. Gretchen is a great instructor and has a great sense of humor and makes it fun. She gives you allot of insight into how your dog thinks for some times when things don't turn out quite right it was you did something wrong and they were watching you for instructions WOW.

- Kathy Hayes, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Angus

We love Zoom Room. All instructors are very knowledgeable and present the info in a fun and easy to understand manner. George has learned skills that we will reinforce for the rest of his life! Thank you!

- Emily Vitrano, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool and Puppy Obedience with George Costanza

I had my dog enrolled in Obedience 2. The class size was small which was great because it allowed Gretchen to keep track of each dog and offer 1-1 help when needed. I took my dog to the Humane Society for his first training and felt I needed more help than was given. Gretchen was very nice and answered any questions I had, even if it was unrelated to the training we were there for.

- Sarah M., who enjoyed Obedience 2

Scent is just one of many classes Bodie has taken at Zoom Room Milwaukee. Along with Shy Dog and multiple Agility classes, he really enjoys learning new things and the staff at Zoom Room do a great job teaching. Lots of fun for both of us!

- Karen Dalessandro, who enjoyed Scent Class with Bodie

Henley and I had a great time at Rally with Gretchen. The class content was awesome!! Gretchen was a great instructor. She had great advice and made suggestions when needed.

- KK, who enjoyed Rally 1 with Henley

The Zoom Room facility and instruction we received was fantastic. Gretchen was always providing positive reinforcement to both pets and owners. The addition of "high reward" treats for the more difficult obstacles was appreciated and very effective. The staff was always in good spirits and knew our names and those of our dogs after the first class. The facility was top notch. We can't wait to get Daisy into Agility 2 after spending some time in open gym reinforcing her Agility 1 skills.

- Andrew & Mary C., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Daisy

Gretchen is incredibly knowledgable and patient. She has a keen sense in distinguishing the needs of each owner/dog, their relationship, and how best to facilitate the goals of the class with those needs. Whenever I have come in to purchase treats or brought Finn to a private gym session, Gretchen has gone out of her way to listen to my concerns about my dog, and offer sound and intuitive advice on how to handle certain issues. Zoom Room is the only place I have brought Finn for classes, and I tirelessly advocate Gretchen's services in every dog park in the Milwaukee county.

- Michael Villane, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Finnegan Francis Brian Villane

We had a very positive experience. Sam and Gretchen were excellent instructors and were very attuned to the needs of both the people and the dogs.

- Micki Brittain, who enjoyed Obedience 3 CGC Test with Mac Brittain

The instructor is very good. The owner has a great thing going. I have been telling other dog owners about this class hoping they would go to the school for their dog training. Besides the dog learning, the owner of your pet gets a good lesson also. Price is also fair. Sometimes its hard to hear the instructor. They might consider a wireless mike if this is possible. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!

- Bruce Heimer, who enjoyed Obedience 1 / Obedience 2 with Carson

We have a 7 month old American Bulldog that can be very unruly. I thought we'd never make any progress but thanks to Gretchen and her staff we are able to control our "Beast". We are even considering enrolling him in agility classes because he enjoys it so much! Beast and his humans totally recommend Gretchen's Zoom Room!

- Rosa R., who enjoyed Obedience 1

We love the Zoom Room! Such a supportive and professional staff. This is definitely not your average dog training or obedience class. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience "zooming" and look forward to another class soon. :)

- Tobi C., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Beau

Gretchen is great with not only my dogs but in training me as well. It's been a blast to watch Sophie in her agility classes and Zoom Room is a great place for playtime as well.

- Jennifer, who enjoyed Agility with Sophie

The class was a great way to get Odin (who is nervous and afraid of so much) exposed to other people and things in a controlled setting, and Gretchen gave us many tips and training techniques to help our shy little ones.

- Kaare L., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Odin

This was our seventh class at the Zoom Room. As always, Gretchen set a tone that was both productive but also fun and easygoing. The six weeks flew by, and I'd have loved to have had a twelve-week class! I look forward to showing off my dog's new talents at parties.

- Bridget, who enjoyed Tricks with Jack

Pugsley loves the Zoom Room! Gretchen is the best trainer we have ever had and I cannot believe how much Pugsley has progressed through his classes at Zoom Room. We both look forward to it every week. I would highly recommend the Zoom Room Milwaukee and Gretchen to anyone looking for fun, awesome training for their dog.

- Minde, who enjoyed Agility with Pugsley

I really liked the agility class. It was well structured and fun to see the dogs progress over the weeks. Gretchen did a great job providing feedback/encouragement to both owners and dogs.

- Jen M., who enjoyed Agility 1

Exceptional! Informative and interesting instruction, ending with very visible results.

- Deb Craig, who enjoyed Scent Class, Small Dog Social with Lucy & Bella

Gretchen is an outstanding agility trainer. I'm looking forward to more private training with her and my Aussie, Rockwell.

- Lori W., who enjoyed Private Training with Rockwell

We had a great time in class, and look forward to spending more time at the Zoom Room - in the open gym, events, and potentially another class someday. The Zoom Room is a great addition to the Milwaukee area!

Gretchen is the best trainer I have ever had. She is very positive and really understands the dogs. The atmosphere at the Zoom Room is relaxed and fun. Pugsley loves going and leaves tired and happy every week. I highly recommend Gretchen and Zoom Room Milwaukee.

- Minde, who enjoyed Agility with Pugsley

Class was great - a nice blend of skills for teaching your dog to walk more pleasantly.

- Kaare L., who enjoyed Loose Leash Walking with Odin

I enjoyed both classes I took at Zoom Room. Gretchen is a great instructor, and the rest of the staff is wonderful as well! They really enjoy what they do and want to see you succeed. I would recommend any of their classes!

- Ashton, who enjoyed Obedience 2 and Therapy with Kylie

It was excellent. Really regretted missing the last class.

- Faith, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Thistle

We've had a great experience at Zoom Room. Gretchen is a terrific instructor, and Finn has learned a lot. She's especially great at showing us how small modifications in our behavior can get greater results.

With the small dog socials, I only wish there were more of them! In the winter time, when it's so often freezing or slushy outside, they are invaluable.

- Elizabeth Draper, who enjoyed Small Dog Socials, Obedience 1 with Finn

Gretchen was wonderfully enthusiastic and encouraging. Our dog is a 2.5-year-old chocolate Labrador who still has some way to go to become a model citizen, but he is a much better dog for having attended this class. Gretchen provided us with tools and techniques to address the exuberance of our 75-pound "puppy."

- Anne K., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Henry

Angela had a wonderful time being trained how to train her puppy, Penny!! The class is fun and very informative. Lots of hands on learning to take home; where the real work begins.

- Angela, who enjoyed Come Here Class with Penny

The puppy obedience classes have been very good and have offered solid instruction on important topics.

- Brooke Thomas, who enjoyed puppy obedience with Quill

Great time, she is very attentive and my dog has really progressed in her classes.

- Kim Bretza, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Remy

Awesome class with a very knowledgeable instructor! Gretchen knows we are training Coop-er to become a therapy dog some day and she is guiding him and us along that path. Lots of positive praise for both Cooper and I:) Have seen a lot of progress in Cooper's abilities and would highly recommend this facility to anyone who wants a dog with good manners:)

- Carmen Bere, who enjoyed Obedience 3 with Cooper

My dog Finn has been coming to Zoom Room since the first week I got him, and has grown up there over the past seven months. Most people describe him as gentle, loving, a little crazy, but a good dog. Agility training has really helped to focus him, and been a key component to our great relationship. I would recommend Gretchen and Zoom Room to anyone who loves their dog!

- Michael V., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Finn

Renley had a blast in Agility 1 and all the techniques we learned in leash walking class have been working!! We will definitely be taking more classes!

- Sarah DePagter, who enjoyed Agility 1 and Leash walking with Renley

Another fun class! This was our 5th class at Zoom Room Milwaukee and are ready to sign up for another one right away. This was my favorite and Gretchen was a great teacher (as usual!). :) We love Zoom Room Milwaukee!

- Abbey, who enjoyed Rally Obedience with Reggie

Awesome experience! Gretchen is top-notch! I have already signed up for Agility 2!

- Stacy M., who enjoyed Agility 1

My boyfriend and I take our dogs to Zoom Room for private agility instruction. It was our first introduction to agillity and we didn't know what to expect. I really appreciate Gretchen's positive methods and so do my dogs! They love going to agility class and are building self confidence.

- Dana Smith, who enjoyed private agility instruction for two dogs with Junie and Oliver

Love it! Gretchen and staff are super friendly! And it's ok that Molly (really me) is a "B" student. We just come to have fun and try to follow directions. Key word: fun. I won't even blame it on Molly being nearly 14 years old.

- Wes, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Molly

It was a great experience. I learned a lot and I think we are on our way to a very well trained puppy. I would highly recommend the Zoom Room and especially Gretchen and staff. They were great.

- Jan Grimes, who enjoyed Puppy pre-school and puppy obedience with Franklin

Awesome! Chewy really seems to enjoy this time. We initiated this as a way to build his self -confidence and rid unwanted behaviors. It has been so much fun watching him achieve skills.

- Deanna, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Chewy

I really appreciated how experienced and low key the instruction was. I will return for more classes.

- Jill H., who enjoyed Agility 1

My husband, my dog and I loved the experience of taking Agility I with Gretchen at Milwaukee's Zoom Room. I was amazed that Gretchen could get our Labrador Henry (who remains very much a puppy at about 14 months old) to climb over, under and through all of the obstacles. Henry has never been a big fan of smooth-underfoot surfaces, so it was wonderful to see him tackle all of the equipment. It also was good instruction in patience for my husband, who was the handler during the last five sessions. I noticed that, toward the end of the course, Henry was even doing a better job at home of following our instructions. ("Go find mama." "Go downstairs." "Get your Kong.") Henry really did seem to get it!

- Anne K., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Henry

Gretchen recommended that Cooper take agility training to make use of all of his energy, and she was right on so many levels. :) He was given many challenges in class and he rose to meet each one with grace and style----well, sort of. :) The class was fun for both of us, and his confidence level has increased as an extra benefit.

- Carmen Berte, who enjoyed Agility Training 1 with Cooper

Both Ru and I enjoy the Zoom Room. We have both learned a lot. In fact, I hope to enter Ru in competition this summer. Gretchen is both kind and patient. Her calm demeanor is a plus.

- Kathleen Kas-Amby, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, 3 etc. Agility league, open gym with Rumiko

I have kind of a shy dog and it was really rewarding for me to see him come out of his shell. Gretchen was always very patient him and with all the other students. Rocky really took to her and even started to enjoy his training. I left feeling very proud of my dog. He did behaviors and performed more than I thought he would. Thanks Zoom Room! :)

- Shana K., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Zoom Room is a great place for dogs and humans! We've done Agility 1, just started Agility 2, and also do Open Gym to practice our skills. My dog starts pulling me to the door when he sees Zoom Room a block away. Class sizes are small - I believe at the most 6. Gretchen is great and understands dogs. It was great to see the dogs evolve as the weeks went on; high energy dogs became more focused and reserved dogs came out of their shell. She offers many types of classes beyond Agility, and I've heard nothing but amazing things about those classes (manners, leash walking, come when called, shy dog, etc.). Zoom Room is a wonderful social experience for you and your dog. It keeps your dog (and you!) mentally and physically stimulated! HIGHLY recommend Zoom Room!

- Allie R., who enjoyed Agility 2

Love the zoom room ! Both Sam and Gretchen are knowledgable, helpful and encouraging!

- Pam Sable, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Foster

I thought the class was great and I am comparing that to the three dog classes I have taken dogs to in the past. I am excited about next week and hoping to be able to do an agility class or two. I also appreciate the time spent to help Earl socialize and have his harness fitted after class.

- Mel K., who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Earl

Gretchen has been an amazing trainer. Finley loves coming to class and we love the progress we see in him. Finley is our first dog, and Gretchen has helped us greatly with the transition!! Thanks Gretchen!

- Laurie R, who enjoyed Therapy dog with Finley

We had a very positive experience. Gretchen was very supportive to all of the pets and owners giving individual pointers and help. Both of us looked forward to class. I appreciated the challenges and respectful way in which we were treated, even when we did not perform at our best.

- Barbara S., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Delilah

Zoom Room is a great place! The store had a lot of great merchandise in it and the training facility was nice. We liked Calm Down class, and it helped our dog learn to settle down. We like the agility on the last day - it was fun! Thanks for the training!

Another great class from Gretchen at Zoom Room Milwaukee! This is the third class Reggie and I have taken at Zoom Room Milwaukee. We love Zoom Room and we love Gretchen :) - Her classes are fun and engaging for both dogs and people. Gretchen is always willing to answer questions before and after class; I really appreciate that. Thank you for the great class!

- Abbey R, who enjoyed Obedience II with Reggie

VERY good experience! Gretchen very clearly taught the fundamentals to 6 pups and their handlers/humans. The facility is exceptionally clean, organized and I was truly impressed with my first experience, and will definitely continue with training. Zoom Room is a GREAT addition to the Brady Street neighborhood and Milwaukee area!

- Laura Lutter Cole, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Foxy Brown

I loved this class and have already noticed a difference in the heightened quality of our walks. The class really built a solid foundation for us to continue our good walking habits, even with distractions!

- Emily M., who enjoyed Leash Walking

The atmosphere is very welcoming and good learning environment. The instructor really knew what she was doing, well organized, learned a lot in the time that we had in class. Prices are fair for what we all learned!

- Crystal-Rae Evans and Jake Venes, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Tiko

It was great. The class would exhaust him for a few days.

- Jess, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Odysseus

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