Ava the wonder sniffer!
| September 30th, 2012

Meet Ava

AvaThis submission is by Carrie Enea, whose everyday Hero Dog is Ava, a Smooth coat collie.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

I know that people love their dogs, but imagine how much more you would love your dog if you could be with them 24/7!  Ava is like an extension of me.  She is a diabetic service dog and can smell when my blood sugar is going low or high.  She then alerts me by pawing me and is able to get juice and/or help.  She is absolutely amazing and helps me on a daily basis.  She is great with my one year old daughter who doesn’t always pet gently and she loves to play with my husband.  Our family wouldn’t be complete without her, she is definitely my hero in every sense of the word!

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