Canine Good Citizens December 2011
| December 20th, 2011

New Canine Good Citizens!

Harley CGC

Sarah & Harley, CGC

Four dogs and their humans are the proud new recipients of the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen award!  Joshua & Chloe, Ashlea & Dexter, Sarah & Harley and Keri & Mac earned their CGC’s following our Obedience 2 course.

All the dogs demonstrated sitting politely for greeting, petting and grooming; sit, down, stay and recall on cue; loose leash walking in a pattern and through a crowd; passing politely by another dog; and calmly waiting with their owner out of sight for three minutes.

The CGC is the benchmark for beginning Therapy Dog training and several of these dogs have plans to continue working toward certification so they can bring joy to folks at hospitals, skilled-care and assisted-living residences, and schools.

You can see photos of all these wonderful dogs and their people on our Facebook Page.

Does your dog have what it takes to become a Therapy Dog?

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Barbara writes:

I read in an article that Therapy dogs should not work over a time of 1 hour spans with out a rest/break. Can you elabarate on that.I would appricate some info on this matter if you have a website with some information.
Thanks B Kennell AATC

Milwaukee writes:

Every dog is likely to have somewhat different needs regarding breaks, but an hour is a good rule of thumb. It can depend on the type of therapy work the dog is doing and level of stress the dog feels in that situation. A good handler is very observant of their dog’s behavior and should be able to tell when the dog needs a break. You want your dog to enjoy therapy work so it is important to always make it a positive experience for the dog and not push them beyond their level of comfort. Check out for a whole lot more information about therapy work with dogs.

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