Canine Good Citizens Fall 2011
| October 24th, 2011

AKC Canine Good Citizens

KayT, Canine Good Citizen

Upon completion of our recent Obedience 2 classes, five dogs passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen tests.  Congratulations to KayT, Bella, Kosmo, Marley and Sophie!

The dogs demonstrated that they can sit politely for greeting and petting; gracefully accept grooming; sit, lie down, and stay on command; come when called; remain calm in the presence of visual and noise distractions; and walk nicely on a leash in crowds and near other dogs.

When asked about their plans for the future, the graduates expressed varied interests; from agility to therapy dog training to relaxing on the couch.  The great news is that they can do ALL those things at Zoom Room! (Yes, we even have a couch.)

See photos of all our recent CGC recipients on our Facebook page.

Does your dog have aspirations to become a Good Citizen?

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