My best friend and lifesaver, My hero – Lucy
| September 22nd, 2012

Meet Lucy

LucyThis submission is by Beth Bertram, whose everyday Hero Dog is Lucy, a Pit Bull.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

When I read about Lucy, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Had recently been through a devastating relationship break-up and was living alone in a tiny studio apartment away from my family. I was surfing the internet looking for rescue groups to volunteer with when I came across a posting to rescue this little pit bull puppy, Lucy. Her photo and story just grabbed my heart. I thought “I could give this little girl a really good home and all the love she needs.” So I called the contact and made arrangements to go meet her. The drive to Burlington seemed to take forever! Once I got there and saw her, it was a done deal. She crawled into my lap and went to sleep like she had done it since birth. ♥ I put her in her crate and headed home. Even though my apartment was no pets, I didn’t hesitate. I went straight to my landlord and introduced them. He let me keep her. Had he not, I would’ve moved. She has been my best friend, constant companion and in times of dark desperation she has most likely saved my life.  She licks my tears and listens to me talk about everything under the sun. When I cry, she cries but even then she presses herself against me to comfort me. My life would be so empty without her.

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