She charmed my husband!
| September 30th, 2012

Meet Maalaea

MaalaeaThis submission is by Nicole Mattke, whose everyday Hero Dog is Maalaea, a Morkie (Yorkie-Maltese mix).

My Dog is My Hero Because…

She squiggled and snuggled her way into my husband’s heart.  He had
never had pets at all growing up (a fish in college was the only
pet-owning experience he’d ever had!) so my husband has no interest in
getting a dog.  When we got engaged, he told me I could get the little
puppy I’d been longing for as soon as we got married.  So a week after
the honeymoon, we were picking up our sweet little Morkie.  I was
ecstatic and adored her right away; my husband was tolerant but that was
it.  Her sweetness, spunk, and playfulness slowly won him over, and her
love for him was eventually infectious.  Sometimes now I catch him
cuddling her in his arms when he thinks I’m not looking, and the two of
them warm my heart.  It takes a special little dog to charm a man who
insists he could never love an animal, and Maalaea is just the adorable, sassy one to do it!

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