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Monterey Dog Training

Welcome to the Zoom Room Monterey Bay, providing exceptional dog training and the best in dog retail products for Monterey Peninsula dogs and their owners. We offer positive dog training in group or private classes in an indoor, climate-controlled facility. You can also rent the facility for birthday parties, meet-up groups or special events. Or stop by for Private Gym, a chance to get in some quality exercise time with your dog!

First Time Visiting?

  1. Purchase one of our class packs. Select “Classes” from the drop-down menu.
  2. You’ll be prompted to create an account for your dog.
  3. Click on the CLASSES tab to sign up for a session of Orientation, our required introductory course which you attend without your dog present.
  4. Or if you prefer, and/or if you’d like to place out of Basic Obedience, you might wish to schedule an Evaluation. If so, click on the APPOINTMENTS tab to schedule an evaluation at a time convenient for you. You’ll either need to attend a half-hour evaluation ($25) or an orientation session (free). Then you’ll be all set to sign up for classes!


We offer small group training in agility, obedience, puppy, and a wide range of enrichment classes. We use only positive dog training methods. All of our classes use a level system. Levels training is a flexible, personalized approach to dog training designed for the busy owner. You work at your own pace, and graduate to the next level when you and your dog are ready to move up. You can attend class as frequently as you like, or skip a week or two if your schedule changes. You’ll never fall behind because everyone in class is at the same level working on the same skills. All students start at Basic Manners after attending the Orientation, and will be “graduated” to the next level when the instructor determines the dog and handler have mastered the skills needed to move on. If you’re not able to enroll in a class, it’s due to not having yet attained that needed prerequisite. You can click on the name of any class in the schedule to view a description of the class as well as all prerequisites.

Our Orientation sessions are FREE, last a half hour, and are to be attended without your dog present.

Want to place out of a class? Of course not every dog that comes to the Zoom Room needs to start off with Basic Manners. Many clients have dogs who are extremely accomplished and thus able to jump ahead in the levels. No problem! All you need to do is schedule a thirty-minute Evaluation with us so we can ascertain your dog’s current skill level and make training recommendations. If you book an evaluation you do NOT need to attend the Orientation class. And if you have two dogs, they can both attend the Evaluation at no additional cost.

We also offer a variety of specialized workshops which require a six-week commitment.

Don’t see the class listed that you were hoping to take? Please drop us a quick note, letting us know which class you’re interested in and what days of the week and times of day are best for you; we’ll do our best to get it on the schedule soon!


We offer private training throughout the week in obedience, agility, puppy training, and any other special forms of training you might have in mind. Agility and Puppy training are always conducted in half hour sessions. Obedience training should begin with a one-hour private session; after that your follow-up sessions can be either a half-hour or an hour. Have two dogs? We also offer special rates on Private Training for Two Dogs. If you’d like to book a time not listed, please call us at (831) 717-4580 to check availability.


We require current vaccination records (DHPP, rabies & bordetella) for every dog who enters our gym area. You can scan them in and email them to us, have your veterinarian fax them to us, bring them in in person — or easiest of all:


Private Gym is like an indoor dog park – one with great music, lots of toys and an agility course, and all of the other amenities you could hope for in a wonderful smelling, spotless, climate-controlled environment! You can even come with your friends – up to three dogs per half-hour session. It’s a great chance to get in some off-leash exercise or play time with your dog, or to practice your agility or other training.

Birthday Parties and Doggy Disco®. You can throw a birthday party for your dog, or for your dog-loving kids, or an anniversary party for the day you rescued your dog. Or just about any other occasion for which you’d love to throw a party with lots of dogs in attendance as well as your friends and family. Our parties include a free mini-agility lesson for all your guests, set-up, clean-up, supervision, plates, cups, cutlery, and of course our famous Doggy Disco® with your choice of music and laser lights on the floor for the dogs to chase. We also include Doggy Donuts, yummy freshly made treats, to make the event unforgettable.

We also host events for Meetup groups, rescue organizations, charity fundraisers, companies, civic groups, singles mixers, and so on. If you’re interested in throwing such an event with us, please simply give us a call or visit us in person to discuss the details. You can also read about our incredibly rewarding ongoing work with a wide variety of rescue organizations.

Our weekly Agility League is incredibly fun – great friendly competition. Once you and your dog have attended Agility classes, you can join your classmates for some friendly competition in our weekly league. Courses will be different every week and will require you and your dog to work as a team. This is a great way to keep up your dog’s training without taking a class!


We have an enormous assortment of eco-friendly toys & puzzles, all-natural treats & chews, collars, leashes, bedding, and the best solution-oriented training equipment you can find anywhere. None of it is available for online purchase, so please stop in and see us to check out our offerings — many of them not available anywhere but the Zoom Room!


Not sure what class to take? Or maybe you’re shopping for a friend? Why not give the gift of a well-behaved dog?! We offer Gift Certificates in any denomination. You can even schedule your gift to arrive on your friend’s birthday or any other special occasion.

Dog Training Classes

Orientation to the Zoom Room
This 20-minute session allows you to get familiar with the Zoom Room without your dog! We will orient you to our facility and policies, get paperwork completed including uploading vaccination records, and discuss class requirements. You will purchase your class pack or schedule an evaluation. Orientation is a requirement prior to taking any of our training classes or workshops but can be done over the phone or at another time if the times offered don’t work with your schedule.


Obedience 1: Basic Manners
Obedience classes at the Zoom Room are designed to get you and your dog working on practical, effective behaviors immediately. You will learn all the basics for getting – and keeping – your dog’s attention, even in distracting environments. Our classes emphasize fun and positive motivation, not only for your dog, but for you as well! We incorporate games and challenges to help make obedience less of a chore and way more fun.

Obedience 2: Stays, Walking & Recalls
In Obedience 2 we’ll focus on walking politely on a leash and coming when called, two critical skills for a well-behaved dog! Through fun games, your dog will learn to master more challenging behaviors.

Obedience 3: Canine Good Citizen
Advanced obedience skills including extra control around distractions. This class prepares your dog to take the Canine Good Citizen test.

Challenge yourself and your pooch’s obedience skills through Rally-O! This is a fun and exciting team sport for dogs and their human companions involving navigation through courses with numbered signs that require specific obedience skills such as: Sit-Down-Sit, Figure 8s, Send Over Jump, Pivots, and Recall. Improve your dog’s focus while practicing challenging and unique courses.


Agility 1
Designed for the dog with basic obedience training but no agility experience, you and your dog will learn the basics of obstacle management, development of control and confidence. Our emphasis is on having fun and challenging your dog versus competition.

Agility 2
This intermediate agility training series will help your dog develop more control and fluidity and begin to learn agility coursework and footwork. We’ll also troubleshoot some of the more pesky agility obstacles to develop speed.

Agility 3
Advanced agility training emphasizes footwork and off-leash control to get you ready for agility league. In this class, agility coursework and precision are emphasized.

Agility 4
Advanced handling and coursework encompassing all obstacles. Speed, attention to detail, and smooth progression through transitions will be emphasized.

Agility League
Once you and your dog have completed agility training, you can team up with your classmates for some friendly competition in this weekly Agility League, designed to keep you and your dog in tip-top shape.


Puppy 1: Puppy Preschool
Someday they’ll grow up. Just not yet. In the meantime, you’ll learn how to address housebreaking, nipping, chewing, and jumping problems, all while commiserating with other puppy owners. Includes an introduction to basic obedience, as well as socialization and group play time for the little ones.

Puppy 2: Puppy Obedience
Get your puppy off to the right start with our puppy manners class. We introduce and focus on getting your pup’s attention, sit, down, stay, and polite greetings. We tackle common problem puppy behaviors like jumping, nipping, and mouthing, as well as begin teaching loose-leash walking and coming when called. Our puppy obedience class focuses on age-appropriate behaviors in a fun, relaxed environment, designed to introduce your puppy to basic skills that will set the foundation for later learning. We focus on a set of core skills that every puppy needs to be a happier, more well-behaved dog.

Puppy Agility
A special class for puppies ages two to eight months, designed to be easy on growing joints and bones. This class emphasizes confidence-building for your puppy, and builds upon the foundation of great communication learned in Puppy Preschool, while also whetting his appetite for Agility.


Tricks: Learning Dog Tricks
Every dog needs a few tricks, and some dogs need even more! This class covers the classic tricks like roll over, play dead, and sit up, but also covers more advanced behaviors. This class is great for teaching focus around other dogs.

Scent Class
Calling all noses! Your dog will have a blast working through a variety of challenges designed to further your ability as a Nosework Team. We’ll work on real-life search scenarios as you and your dog find lost keys and cell phones, and play games designed to develop scenting ability. Great for budding search-and-rescue dogs.


All workshops are six weeks long.

Shy Dog
Is your dog a wallflower? If your dog is nervous meeting new people or new dogs, we’ll show how to help your dog overcome his fear and anxiety in a controlled environment. Perfect for rescue dogs.

Therapy Dog Training
You’ve got the basics down. Now learn how to prepare for the Pet Partners temperament test for therapy dogs. This group class is designed to help you and your dog fine-tune your basic obedience skills by focusing special attention on good manners, control around distractions, introduction to hospital equipment, and therapy dog tricks.

Urban Herding
Urban Herding (also known as Treibball) is the newest sport for the Zoom Room – think of it as herding without the sheep. Instead, dogs herd large exercise balls into a goal, using their noses to push the balls in the right direction. Any dog can do it and it’s tons of fun! It also develops an incredible bond between you and your dog and develops off-leash obedience and self-control. We’ll teach the basics of urban herding including distance control commands to get you started in this fabulous new dog sport.


  • Orientation – Free
  • 5 Classes – $140
  • 10 Classes – $250
  • Gym Sports (League or Canine Cross-Training) – $15 per session
  • Gym Sports (5 sessions) – $60
  • Gym Sports (10 sessions) – $100
  • Six-week workshops – $165
  • Evaluation – $25
  • Private Training (1 hour) – $110
  • Private Training (1/2 hour) – $65
  • Private Training (four 1/2 hour sessions) – $200
  • Private Training for 2 Dogs – $120
  • Private Agility Training for 2 Dogs – $70
  • Private Agility for 2 Dogs (4 sessions) – $240
  • Private Training Package – SAVE $55! – (1 hour-long session and three 1/2 hour sessions) – $250
  • Private Gym – $15
  • Private Gym – each extra dog – $5
  • Private Gym (5 sessions) – $60
  • Private Gym (10 sessions) – $100
  • Dog Party – $200+
  • Canine Good Citizen Test – $25

Zoom Room Monterey Bay

Monday through Thursday 11 am to 8 pm
Friday – CLOSED (call or email for appointments)
Saturday 9:30 am to 5 pm
Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm by appointment or for meetups only

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TEL: (831) 717-4580
FAX: (888) 249-0373

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