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Zoom Room Monterey Bay Reviews

Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

Want to share your experiences with Zoom Room Monterey Bay? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us about your experience.

We have had many great experiences. The training is very supportive of us and our dogs. They offer clear explanations, careful observations of us and our dogs followed up with good strategies to solve problems and help our dogs learn.

- Sally Chidester, who enjoyed Obedience, Agility, Smelling, Tricks, Rally-O with Amy, Yeager

Misty and I are having a great time and she is building her confidence around other dogs with each visit.

- Judi Clayton, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Misty

I have taken several classes from puppy training to obedience at several different locations. I can honestly say that my experience at Zoom Room Monterey Bay has far surpassed all of the other classes! My dog has learned a lot, I have learned a lot, we've both had fun, and we've both made new friends. Zoom Room Monterey Bay is professional, clean, organized, positive, and overall the best! My dog agrees and even sits eagerly by the door when we mention going to go see Ratna! I highly recommend the Zoom Room Monterey Bay!

- Kimberly D., who enjoyed Agility 2

Tucker LOVES doing agility, and it comes naturally to him! I am soooooo glad his first introduction to agility coursework was in the friendly, clean, and consistent training environment provided by the Zoom Room. Thanks Ratna!

- Christy S., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Tucker

I loved all of the trainers and the great learning experience!

- Kimberley E., who enjoyed Obedience 1

It was a wonderful experience for Cami and I. We learned a lot and Cami is a happier dog for the training

- Carla Plymesser, who enjoyed Obedience 1/2 with Cami

Great class! I already have more confidence in Caleb's recall skills and know they will continue to strengthen with practice.

- Caleb's Mom, who enjoyed Come When Called with Caleb

Awesome! Sunny loves going to Zoom Room and she has been learning so fast - we both have fun every time we go!

- Jen Snow, who enjoyed Obediance Level I and II with Sunshine

Teddy and I are enjoying our private agility lessons. Although Teddy's breed (Boxer) is not the classic agility type, he LOVES to work with the equipment and is tail wagging for every class. The experience strengthens my relationship with Teddy, gives us some additional fun time together, and has continued to make Teddy an awesome dog.

- Debbie Bellingham

The class was great, this is our first dog & I really learned a lot. Very informative.

- Nicole, who enjoyed Puppy obedience with Posy

I have been attending over 2 1/2 years and have had a great time with my dog. Ratna is a wonderful trainer, and I have met so many nice people there.

- Connie Hess, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Pixelle

Zoom Room has been very helpful in getting us through the first year of puppy craziness. Clover loves coming to class and we have all learned so much. We're on our way to having a well behaved pup. Thank you!

- Gina, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, puppy obedience, obedience 1, 2, 3, tricks with Clover

Amazing results with obedience classes for my reactive pitbull puppy. Agility has been just as amazing and soooo much fun!

- Laura Lee, who enjoyed obedience and 3; agility 1,2,3 with Finn

We saw improvement every week in the behavior of Ginger, and looked forward to our weekly class. It was amazing to see the results of what we learned work so well with a little effort.

- Irmi/Sonja, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Ginger

This is one of the best experiences my dog Bear and I have had together. I work with elderly patients in nursing homes and hospitals, and I've seen the impact that therapy dogs have on their moods and overall health. One night recently I was having dinner next door to the Zoom Room at Il Vecchio and saw a training class through the window. I decided to sign Bear up on the spot. What a wonderful decision! The Therapy Training class was comprehensive and very fun (for both the dogs and their owners). By the time the official test came - administered by Therapy Dog International - Bear was definitely prepared.

Ratna is an EXCELLENT instructor, and the entire staff at the Zoom Room is friendly and incredibly professional. The facility is clean and there is lots of parking available. I would HIGHLY recommend the Zoom Room to everyone thinking about taking a class with their dog.

- Catherine Lawlor, who enjoyed Therapy Dog Training with Bear

Ratna has been fantastic! She is so patient and loving. I have been bringing my 3 dogs for private training/play time since you opened in Monterey and will continue to do so. I am hoping to be able to do group classes in the near future, as our schedule permits. The facility is always spotless and bright, and my dogs and I feel very safe there. We love the Zoom Room!

- Jennifer W., who enjoyed Private Training

Sunshine loves ZoomRoom! In just six months she has learned to sit, stay, come, walk without pulling on her leash, stay on a mat in a public place, not jump up on people, and more. She has also really taken off in Agility and is now learning more advanced maneuvers to include completing a course with up to seven obstacles. Zoom Room is fun for both of us and everyone tells me what a well behaved dog I have! I highly recommend bringing your furry friend in for a class or two, you won't regret it and they will have a blast!

- Jen, who enjoyed Agility I, II, III Obediance I, II, III with Sunshine

Fun and informative classes with caring and professional trainers. Both Amber and I learned a lot.

- Jan A, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Amber


- Eric, who enjoyed Obedience 1,2,3 with Cookie

Both our dogs were enrolled and both had a fabulous experience. Ratna is a natural trainer!

- Viki D., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Banjo

Mandy is a wonderful instructor and Daisy and I had a very good time and learned a lot! I plan to take another class this summer with my other dog, Sam.

- Lisa Maddalena, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Daisy

Maya loves coming to the Zoom Room! From the moment we pull up in the car, she is full of excitement and eager to get started. The agility exercises that Ratna sets up for Maya have been very helpful with her obedience training all while having fun at the same time! We will definitely continue to attend classes at the Zoom Room!

- Michael Simpson, who enjoyed private gility with Maya

Teddy loves going to the zoom room. It is always a tail wagging experience!

- Debbie Bellingham, who enjoyed private agility with Teddy

We love the Zoom Room and have been attending for eight months now. Sunshine has completed her Canine Good Citizen certificate and is working towards her therapy dog certification but her favorite class is agility! Zoom room training has been fun for us both and I'm always very happy when we are out and she is complimented on her good behavior and how well she interacts with people, small children and other dogs and animals. I highly recommend the Zoom Room team. They will help you better understand your dog and have fun in the process!

- Jen Snow, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Sunshine

Great class! Scooby learned so much in Obedience 2. We are on to Therapy Dog class next :)

- Kari S., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Scooby

We loved our class. We met so many new friends and even had a friend to practice with for open gyms. The teacher was positive and upbeat. She had a great sense of humor and made things fun. We already signed up for Agility 3 and Agility League.....I have a new boy we just adopted and he will be starting in the next agility more Zoom Room for us (we have to spell it in our house or the dogs head for the door)

- Fawn

Wonderful!! Great experience for the both of us :)

- Katherine M., who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Roscoe

Amy and I loved the class. Mandy is patient with my friendly but very energetic dog. She always answers questions or gives suggestions for improvement in a clear and helpful way. She is always positive in her approach to all the dogs.

- Sally C., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Amy

Great class. Mandy and Katie did a nice job teaching us how to work with our dogs. I've learned a lot and my 7mth old Laborador is catching on too!
We had fun in this class.

- Lisa Marchand, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Smitty

The Zoom Room hss been a fabulous additon to Monterey Peninsula. The Zoom Room offers such a wide variety of classes and times so it is very easy to locate a class that fits my Mom's schedule. The instruction is excellent. Even though I don't always pay attention and would rather search for treats on the floor, I have tons of fun and have made so many new dog and peopel friends! Ratna is the best!!

- J.S., who enjoyed Agility 3 & Agility League with Tess

These classes have been EXTREMELY helpful getting Riley off to a great start in life. He behaves pretty well for a pup his age thanks to Ratna's ongoing and excellent instruction.

- George D., who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2, Puppy Playtimes with Riley

I adopted a 3-4 year old dog that hadn't been leash trained or house broken. My vet recommended the Zoom Room and we got some basics down immediately. Ratna was very thorough, informative and patient with us. Fortunately, the dog turned out to be smarter than me so she learned very quickly and we now walk a lot relatively painlessly, play off leash in dog parks and she comes when I call - at least by the second time. The Zoom Room was a life saver for both of us.

- Thom, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2, then agility 1 & 2 with Nina

We love the knowledge and passion of the entire staff. It is a fun and open environment that encourages both owner and pet to have fun and learn together!

- Olivia L., who enjoyed Agility with Satchmo

I highly recommend this class and have to give the highest praise to Ratna, who encouraged Skoshi and I, and mentored us through some problem areas we experienced along the way. I have attended classes with Ratna with my 4 dogs since the Zoom Room Monterey Bay opened. I have been to many other training classes in this area, and the Zoom Room blows them all away for positive training methods and amazing results achieved.

- Sally Robins, who enjoyed Obedience 2/Canine Good Citizen with Skoshi

Ratna and the entire staff at the Zoom Room Monterey Bay have been such a God send. From the first class of Obedience 1 I knew that Jax and I were in the perfect place for us. Ratna is so knowledgeable and patient, I'm pretty sure Jax likes her more than I. He has shown such great improvement over the past few months we have been attending classes, I'm excited to watch his continous growth.

- Erin, who enjoyed Obedience, Agility, Play Group with Jax

Loved the classes and the trainers! They were sensitive and full of ideas for helping me manage my dog's reactions to other dogs. He has really improved from when we first started!

- Lauren S., who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2 with Elmo

Great! Ratna is very knowlegable and quick to the moment.

- Ann Enders, who enjoyed private & group with Colton

We were challenged and cheered on weekly on our way to the TDI evaluation. I am so excited to have passed on our first try - all because of the Zoom Room! Bella and I both look forward to our Zoom Room classes and the fun but focused training we receive. Can't wait for Tricks and Rally!

- kate, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with bella

Ratna does a tremendous job organizing and running the classes. She is upbeat, energetic, fun but in control. I took my Lab Norton through Obedience 1, 2, 3 and Therapy Dog at Zoom Room Monterey Bay. All through the process Ratna brought him along and let us know where and how to improve. Norton is now a certified Therapy Dog. I'm glad we went to Zoom Room.

- Matt Connors, who enjoyed Obedience 1, 2, 3 and Therapy Dog with Norton

We have had a lot of fun at the Zoom room. Ratna really knows what she is doing and how to tailor the training to each individual dog. She has so much patience. Both of my dogs, Rio and Champion, have come a long way in her classes. Every week we look forward to going to class. My dogs are so excited to work and our relationship has become so much better. I would highly recommend the the Zoom room for anyone and everyone with a dog, no matter the dog. They will work with you to help you understand your dog better and to make your dog an even more important part of your family.

- Jessica, who enjoyed Private Training with Rio and Champion

It was so much fun. Jolly Mon and I learned a lot, which we are incorporating into our dance routine.

- Terry Glasco, who enjoyed Tricks1 with Jolly Mon

Buddy Om and I learned so much in 6 weeks. We enjoyed all the dog games; as they were very creative and extremely fun. The staff is great, the Zoom Room space is clean and equipped. Our experience was well worth the time! Thank you so much.

- Gina Lynn Puccinelli, who enjoyed Obedience Training 2 with Buddy Om

Excellent. Mojo loves the activity and getting to be around other dogs.

- Bonnie Gawf, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Mojo

Chap loves his Zoom Room classes; he's done Agility 1, and he just completed Obedience 2. Zoom Room personnel are careful about the dogs that they accept for group classes, and so training is an enjoyable experience for both the dog and the owner.

- Pat handler, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Chap

Both classes were and have been a joy. We are on the track to have Oso certified as a therapy dog and we have learned some great tips and tricks along the way. The staff are welcoming and knowledgable.

- Natalie, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and Obedience 2 with Oso

The Monterey Bay Zoom Room has been such a treasure of knowledge and assistance! We decided to sign up immediately after getting our new puppy. Every week we looked forward to socializing our puppy. Ratna and her staff are so knowledgeable and helpful, even when it's chaotically busy! The structure of the classes are perfect! I enjoy the helpful attention we get during every class. All of our questions are answered and all of our concerns are heard. We love the Monterey Bay Zoom Room!

- Leia Triplett, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool, Puppy Obedience with Cosmos

I had a very good experience in this class. It was totally laid back and fun. George is a good citizen thanks to the zoom room!

- Raylene, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with George Costanza

very good /had a grate time

- larry welch, who enjoyed puppy agility/ obedience 1/ with cricket



Cricket and I have enjoyed the training at the Zoom room since she was a puppy.This is where she qualified for a therapy dog, first did agility and was introduced to Rally O. We both learned alot.The staff have been patient and knowledgable.

- Larry Welch, who enjoyed many with cricket

My dog loves Zoom Room. It has also helped in discipline at home.

- Linda O'Connor, who enjoyed agility 1 with Trina

We both had so much fun. I could not believe how much Dot learned. It was amazing! We are both sorry it ended but are signing up for another class....I had no idea how smart Dottie is....

- Fawn, who enjoyed Beginning Obedience with Dottie Lou What-Not

Its been wonderful! I have a very social 6 1/2 month old Dalmatian. Rain loves people, children, puppies, adult dog and small dogs. Which is very important to us, still working on all the behaviors.

- ANTONELLA RANDAZZO, who enjoyed puppy, pre-school, Obd 1 with RAIN

It's a very well structured class. Ratna is aware of all the dogs issues and personalities as well as the handlers. She conducts her class accordingly. I've enjoyed the classes and the progress we have made.

- Kathy G. Wittpenn, who enjoyed Obedience 3 with Sweet William

My Cocker puppy "Kailer" is very energetic and needs an outlet. I wish Zoom Room had been around decades ago for all my other pups. Ratna gave me all the info I needed to be more effective in my consistency and training with my new puppy. At about 3 months of age, Kailer was doing ALL the agility props. which is great for his confidence. He is really becoming more focused too which is important to do at an early age.

- Karen S., who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Kailer

Consistently good. Very attentive to the well being and behavior of my dog.

- MicheleLauren, who enjoyed private and group puppy obedience training with Riley

We had a lot of fun in class. Both of us learned new things. Scooby Doo even made a few friends in class. He really likes the A frame. I plan on enrolling him in obedience 2 class in the near future.

- Ann T, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Scooby Doo

Our experience at the Zoom Room has been very positive. The instructors are very helpful and offer their puppy wisdom to us every class. My dog behaves better than he did prior to the classes and the best part is that he is actually tired when we leave which is hard to accomplish with puppy!

- Tara, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, puppy agility, obedience 1 with Neptune

It has been so good to see Maddy learn. Ratna is wonderful with her and we are coming back for more starting Sat. April 4. See you then.

- Sally Kinnamon, who enjoyed Private classes with Maddy

It was wonderful! Rufus learned a lot. The instructor was patient and considerate. Thorough instruction and good to Rufus.
This is Rufus' 3rd series of training at the Zoom Room. He went to Obedience 1& 2 as well as Therapy dog training. It's fun for all of us.

- Carla Plymesser, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Rufus

Very pleasant. Lots of different dogs & owners to watch and learn from too. I had two trainers, both very patient and knowledgeable. We enjoyed the classes and plan to participate in a group socialization and maybe agility class.

- Jan Paulsen, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2 with Libboo

The private training classes have been extremely valuable! Bochy has gained so much from his work with Ratna and has gained so much confidence and is a much happier dog. He runs in the door to the Zoom Room when it's class time! Ratna is a terrific and patient instructor and I hope to take more classes from her.

- Molly Laughlin, who enjoyed Private Training with Bochy

It was very positive, informative and fun.

- Kathy Wittpenn, who enjoyed Obidence 3 with William

We have had a wonderful experience. Ratana has been a great instructor, taking the time to provide feedback that is appropriate given our dog's behaviors. Classes are fun and instructive.

- Brenda Mandac, who enjoyed Obedience 1,2, 3 with Lani

We loved the class and will definitely be back for more classes. Thanks for coming to our area!

After a few obedience classes at the zoom room I now have a well behaved dog! It's made such a huge difference.

- Samantha O., who enjoyed Obedience/agility with Jib

I've already taken three classes at Zoom Room Monterey and am starting the fourth today. I have already recommended Ratna to several friends. She's great, very patient and fun!

- Terry G., who enjoyed Agility 3

Already have recommended it! I loved this class and have seen huge improvement in my 7-year-old dog. We took another class early on with the Kennel club that used choker collars instead of clickers and treats and it was not as easy and effective. We didn't even graduate! Ratna was wonderful and welcoming to my 3-yr-old daughter who "helped" me train. I felt so comfortable. I can't say enough good things.

- Karen S., who enjoyed Obedience 1

I have had my Cocker Spaniel puppy at The Zoom Room in Monterey, Ca since he was 3 months old. I have raised many dogs, & grandma was a Great Dane breeder, but I still learned a lot about dog behavior at The Zoom Room. I recommend Zoom to everyone I see around town with a dog. It's fun. The instructors have helped us with breed specific issues, & everyone I meet says that Kailer is the best behaved, most well-adjusted Cocker puppy they have met. Kailer gets so excited when he sees us pull up to the Zoom Room! He just earned his "Good Citizen" certificate at Zoom and when he is older I plan to enroll him in Dog Therapy training so I can take him into our hospital to cheer up the patients.

- Karen Schofield, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool, Puppy Agility, Obedience 1 & 2, Agility 1 & 2, plus private sessions, and mid-size dog meet ups. with Kailer

When you first walk in the Zoom Room it's safe and clean set-up for the dogs. I think it's a great facility. From the first class we learned and did so much. Ratna is a great instructor always having Williams best interest in mind. We look forward to each fun filled class.

- Kathy Wittpenn, who enjoyed Agility 1 with William

We've enjoyed our experience tremndously. Our puppy was about 12 weeks old when we began and shes steadly making wonderful progress. Our goal is to ge the therapy dog certification.

- Wendy McCraney-Matz, who enjoyed puppy obedience, obedience 1-2, agility 1-2 with Fiona

It was great! We had a lot of fun. I liked the teaching style and explanations about the agility training.

- Lora, who enjoyed Private agility with Olive

We enjoy the zoom room personel, class format and choices of classes.
Cricket is learning quickly, and remain challenged to learn more. Even though it is an 45min drive the zoom room in PG is in a graet location, with a rec trail nearby and dog friendly businesses.

- larry welch, who enjoyed Obedience 2 /Agility/ Operation Send Off with Cricket

Enjoying it. Getting a lot of good info and good practice in obedience for the puppy.

- Chris & Peter, who enjoyed puppy obedience with Augie

We did a short video via iPhone while Kendall was doing her last session run and I sent it to three of my girlfriends who have pups who love to jump. It was amazingly fun for me and for Kendall and I hope to have her pup friends join us for another session of agility! Thanks so very much!

- Carol Q., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Kendall

Fabulous classes! Reggie and I learned so much! In those two classes he became an easy companion. Truly sensible obedience!

- Beverly Schneiderman, who enjoyed Obed 1 and 2 with Reggie

Wonderful! Thoroughly enjoy our time there and feel as though it has certainly helped Brooklyn's socialization skills.

- Erin Gogarty, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Brooklyn

Great training and excellent socialization for our dog :0)

- Chuck C., who enjoyed Obedience 1


- jim cook, who enjoyed private lessons with oliver

One more comment...... We do often recommend Zoom Room and will continue to do so. So glad we have this business available in our community. Loads of fun for our furry friends and loved ones.

- Irmi/ Sonja, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Ginger

Penny and I had a really great experience. Our trainer was patient, observant and thorough. She provided excellent training techniques and tools and I am very pleased with the overall result. Penny is much better behaved and so much easier to handle now - as a puppy, she tends to be exuberant and curious. Zoom Room has helped me learn how to be a better owner and companion for my precious little Penny.
Thank you Zoom Room

- Jane Doe, who enjoyed Entry level - beginner with Penny

Ratna is an excellent trainer. She is knowledgeable and patient.

Mojo has been attending obedience and agility classes at the Zoom Room since he was a young puppy. He is a very high-energy dog, and these classes have helped channel some of that extra energy immensely.

- Bonnie Gawf, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Mojo

These classes were great for us! I learned many good tips that made me a more confident pet owner and my dog a better behaved pup. I also learned more of what my dog is capable of and we deepened our connection through this experience. Thank you.

- Sheri, who enjoyed Ob 1, Ob 2, Agility, Tricks with Scout

The Zoom Room is such a wonderful addition to the Monterey Peninsula. I like the gradual exposure to all of the agility obstacles. They are presented without pressure to perform, which makes the sessions both challenging and fun for the dog and handler.

- Jane S., who enjoyed Agility 3

Jolly Mon's boarder is amazed at how much Jolly's behavior has improved since his last boarding experience. The first time Jolly was very stressed and barked constantly. He had an overnight test last night for his Christmas boarding and was "splendid." Joel asked what I did with the original Jolly Mon. I attribute this change totally to Jolly's experiences at Monterey Bay Zoom Room, esp. the meetups.

- Terry Glasco, who enjoyed CGC, Agility 4+, Nose Work, Loose Leash Walking, Tricks, birthday party, many meet-ups, private training with Jolly Mon

Asia is a shy dog, but she enjoys her Zoom Room time.

- C. Ingram, who enjoyed obedience 1,2 agility 1,2 tricks 1 with Asia

Participating in private training for agility 2 was great, because we could move at Tucker's pace, and I got plenty of people training too (my handling is usually the weak link in completing a series of obstacles). Overall it was a great experience, complemented by our participation in the weekly agility league. We are returning to a classroom group for Agility 3 on Monday, and very much looking forward to it.

- Christy S., who enjoyed Private Training with Tucker

My dog and I thoroughly enjoy our time spent at the Zoom Room. He received his Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certifications thru the Monterey Bay Zoom Room. When possible, we attend the meet ups. And have also done some of the private gyms.

- Laurie Dixon, who enjoyed Currently Agility 4 & Agility League with Trapper

Absolutely loved the class and the one private class we had. I wish I had come here for obedience. Sad we are moving. Would totally recommend the Zoom Room.

- Joy L., who enjoyed Agility 1

Teddy and I both loved it. Teddy is a 2 year old male neutered Boxer adopted from the shelter as a puppy. He enjoys spending time in the gym, interacting with other people and pets. He has a good mind and a surprisingly calm demeanor, although his calmness may be due to all his exercise. Teddy has enjoyed learning to focus and concentrate. The class has helped him be a wonderful dog.

- Debbie Bellingham, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Teddy

I have been attending classes at the Zoom Room Monterey Bay since opening day. My three dogs have been through almost all the classes offered and we give our 5 star recommendation to Ratna and her staff. This has been our best dog training experience ever! My toy Aussie girls and I give our two hands and 12 paws up for a wonderful dog training experience!

- Sally R., who enjoyed Urban Herding

I found out about Zoom Room through my vet and from the very first phone conversation I knew that this was a caring, loving place to help me teach my new puppy.
Lucy was only 8 weeks old when we started puppy socialization and she and I have met many other wonderful dogs and their owners each week and we look forward to seeing everyone and watching them grow and learn.
Lucy and I also have also had private instruction with Ratna and I find that whenever I have a problem I can call or email and I will get the advice I need to help us get through a certain stage in Lucy's growth.
I will continue to bring Lucy to classes and feel we are so blessed to have the Zoom Room in our area. Zoom Room is so much fun, and having a happy, well behaved pit bull terrier puppy makes me one proud momma.

- Kim Lemaire, who enjoyed Puppy class and private training with Lucy

We had a great time, Everyone at Zoom Room Monterey is very friendly and so Good with all the dogs.

- Joyce Foster, who enjoyed Agility with Duke

We love Ratna! She has helped make Scooby the dog he is today :)

- Kari S., who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Scooby

Very positive

- Michael Marshall, who enjoyed Therapy dog class with Casey

Ratna was very accommodating to my special needs dog. She was patient and understanding. Winter made great progress in her obedience and we couldn't be more pleased!

- Kimberly D., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Winter

We had a Wonderful experience at the Zoom Room. Mandy was amazing at explaining the material in a way that was relevant to me and my dog in our every day life. Ru was less than well behaved when we started and thanks to our wonderful trainer I know I now have the skills to make her the great dog I know she can be. I am so pleased and we cant wait for our next class.

- Kate Meyer, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Ru

The sessions were insightful and very helpful, as well as empowering for us to be more consistent in training our dog (and ourselves :))!

- Katherine Moody, who enjoyed Private Training with Roscoe

She is awesome! Good teaching. I have recommended Zoom Room to every dog owner I know. People comment on how well behaved my wiggly Coton is.

- Diana Galbraith, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Lovely Beau

Our puppy learned a lot. He's still a little young and full of energy so I think we'll try to get him into some agility classes next.

- Katie Crossgrove, who enjoyed Puppy obedience 1 with Gibson

Beau and I really had a great time, I have been telling all our friends about it.

- Francesca H., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Beau

You're the best! Schroeder is doing so great now that he's back at Zoom Room. Through the training, my little frightened boy has gained such confidence. His behavior has improved immensely!

- Ruth Caywood, who enjoyed Private with Schroeder

My dog and I have thoroughly enjoyed our experience at the Zoom Room in Monterey, Ca. The staff is knowledgeable, patient and courteous. Mandy Carswell has a great attitude and is able to teach, give training advice, and encourage both dog and handler to perform. She has a calm and caring demeanor which I have also found to be true of all the other staff I have encountered there. I highly recommend the Zoom Room in Monterey.

- Judy Veloz, who enjoyed Agility 1, Agility 2 with Griffy

It's all about having fun.Ratna creates a positive atmosphere and is also a good teacher who addresses your dog's particular needs. You feel you have enough individual attention even though you are with a group.

- Juli Trout, who enjoyed agility1, tricks with Penny

Ratna is a great instructor! She is very patient with our young Airedale (and us).

- Hayley S., who enjoyed Agility 1

This class has been so helpful in keeping my dog close by and she is more than eager to stay by my side so she can be rewarded with a treat. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I highly recommend this class to anyone with a dog of any age that needs a little behavior training.

- Maureen D., who enjoyed Obedience 1

We all love Ratna! She is patient, understanding, and always positive. Ratna's instruction and care over the past 6 weeks has helped us set a great foundation for Koda and the rest of his life. We can't imagine our lives without the Zoom Room!

- Clayton D., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Koda

We always find our visits to be informative and fun.

- Norleen clark, who enjoyed Puppy clas, obedience class, group play, and agility class with Chloe

We have learned so much about puppy training. Mandie is an excellent instructor and I have total faith in everything she is teaching us about raising well trained puppy. She makes the classes fun but knowledgeable. We enjoying spending our Tuesday nights with the Zoom Room team. I think Gretchen really likes her too!

- Nicole Cervantes, who enjoyed Puppy Obiedence with Gretchen

We loved the obedience class. We have noticed a nice difference in our dog's behavior. She seems really ready to follow instructions now that she gets we expect things out of her. She is always eager to please us so that coupled with the training Ratna gave us has been great. Thanks again. So glad you are in the community.

- Kathi E., who enjoyed Obedience 1

The teachers are knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. I have seen them working with all types of dogs and all levels of owners. It is convenient to have the range of classes available so nearby.

- Kirsten Durfee, who enjoyed puppy socialization, puppy agility, obedience one with Bacchus

Jolly Mon and I have a great time. If we didn't we wouldn't have taken every applicable class and attended every meet-up we possibly could - Obedience 2, CGC, Nose Work, Loose Leash Walking, Agility 4 weekly for almost two years, Tricks, Rally, private training, open gym, Jolly's birthday party, meet-ups. :-)

- Terry Glasco, who enjoyed Obedience 2, CGC, Nose Work, Loose Leash Walking, Agility 4 weekly for almost two years, Tricks, Rally, private training, open gym, birthday party, meet-ups with Jolly Mon

This has been a great experience for me and my dog.

- Fred J., who enjoyed Obedience 1

My dog Shasta and I enjoyed the experience. The trainer really listened to the issues I was experiencing and gave me practical tips to try. Mandy interacted well with all the owners and dogs and seemed to enjoy her work which is important. Shasta and I will be back to take another class.

- Katie L., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Shasta

So much fun! I laugh and learn a lot each week, and Bella loves it, too!

- Kate, who enjoyed Tricks 1 with Bella

Very positive and enjoyable exerience.

- alex, who enjoyed agility 1 with cooper

I had a really great time! I've told lots of people and I'm sure some will partake. Thank you!

- Kari W., who enjoyed Agility 1

Well besides my frenchie having a major crush in his trainer Mandy. We LOVED the class!!! She is a doll. Couldn't ask for a better instructor.

- Alicia sanoian, who enjoyed Agility and obedience 1 with Tucker

it's been fantastic!

- Karen

Ziva loved the classes and I enjoyed the energy and class instruction. We would like to
go on to Agility 3 but Ziva is a GSD and does not like tiny dogs that bark so off-leash is
not an option until she matures a little.

- colleen goldsmith, who enjoyed agility with ziva

My dog Kona and I have loved these classes. She gets excited about going to them. This was the perfect experience for my dog, an active Aussie.

- Diane G., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Kona

Our experience was excellent. There were big changes in Jacks behavior after four 30 min sessions. Of course, changes have to be reinforced.

- Carolyn, who enjoyed Private lessons with Jack

wonderful. tink is very willful and it was hard at first. mandy's patience was so wonderful as a model. Tink is such a wonderful dog, but this has made both of our lives better. I had no idea how helpful it would be. I'm even more in love with my doggie now. Very very grateful.

- Dr. Marybeth Weinstock, who enjoyed obedience 1 with Tinkerbelle

Fun class!

- Molly Laughlin, who enjoyed Scent Training with Bochy

I've taken probably 8-10 different classes with both dogs. They both even have CGC and therapy dog certificates just to name a few.

- MaryAnn Boylan, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Beau and Cubby

It was great! Very informative and good exercise and socialization for the pups!

- Sally B, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Bentley

I love going there and working with my dog. The environment is excellent! Mandy was very very nice! Thank you so much for making me have an amazing experience! I loved the certificate that Buster got. Mandy has really improved Buster's Agility.

- Savannah, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Buster

oliver is a large 95lbs. lab. we rescued him two days before he was to be put down, his age was about 13 months. he had been on the run for over 6 months. he was scared, would run away from you, would not look at you, and on a leash he would drag you around. it was like trying to control a young horse. but in his heart he is a lab. loving, friendly, loves other dogs and really nosey. we could not leave him alone because he would do the lab thing [eat the house] so we went to the zoom room and after 4 private lessons we now have oliver the giant teddy bear. ratna taught us how to control the beast, get him to make eye contact, and all the other things that they teach young dogs. oliver is a work in progress and we will continue the classes with him untill he becomes the pussy cat that is in him. ratna taught us a lot not to break his spirit, let him be a puppy [but one that listens and obeys] thank you zoom room we know he was and is a hand full. one thing we will never give up on him.proud parents of a rescue dog. jim and aida cook

- jim cook, who enjoyed private with oliver

Lady came through Collie Rescue and in less than two weeks, found herself in Obedience 1 with her new mom at the Zoom Room Monterey. She had a wonderful experience in Obedience and loved all the yummy treats! She enjoys her time at the Zoom Room and has asked to go back so that Mom can learn more ways to communicate with her.

Ratna is a wonderful trainer, great with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds --- and their people, too.

- Kristen Fletcher, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Lady

It was very fun and informative, unfortunately I had to miss the last 2 classes due to car trouble but I thoroughly enjoyed our time and Zipper had a blast.

- Gaylene Cranford, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Zipper

Great classes, would prefer to see more options for Agility 2 on weekends.

- Lisa de Marignac, who enjoyed Private Obedience, Obedience, Agility with Jasper

We are still enjoying the experience at the Zoom Room and the agility class. It's a lot of fun for both dog and owner. Rudy is improving each week.

- JM, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Rudy

The place is clean, comfortable and a great atmosphere for learning. Its really about the people learning as much as the dogs. Its definitely made a difference
in our dog - at this stage of development we can't have too much training or socialization.

- sandy braddock, who enjoyed puppy socialization and obedience with Tucker

I have trained with ratina and Mandy. Love them both. I like how Fun and relax yet excellent traing. Eloise and I both look forward to it every week. Wouldn't go anyplace else.
Thank you for coming to Monterey .

- Katie Hawkins, who enjoyed Agility with Eloise

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