Intuitive Healer
| September 28th, 2012

Meet Kailer

KailerThis submission is by Karen Schofield, whose everyday Hero Dog is Kailer, a Cocker Spaniel puppy.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

My dog is my hero because he intuitively senses a broken heart, a troubled mind, a weary soul, or a hurting body.  He will be a great therapy dog someday.

 At 2 months of age, never having seen me before, Kailer hopped into my arms, licked my face, and wagged his body everywhere.  He knew somehow that I was his new mom, though many other people were around me.  I wondered if I was getting a new dog too soon.  My heart still hurt from the 3 dogs I had lost within a year and a half, all from old age.  I was a bit unsure at first about taking on such a young Cocker Spaniel puppy, but his merry little demeanor was contagious.
Kailer loves people and is quick to target someone in need of a “puppy hug”.  While having lunch at the park one day, an elderly couple came upon us.  Kailer was invited up into the man’s wheelchair with him.  Kailer gleefully gave the man a big puppy hug.  The couple was just delighted and they sat with us a while and chatted.
In August, a friend of mine had a bad fall and was hospitalized. Her two young girls needed to be placed with their grandma on an urgent basis. My friend’s prognosis looked poor, leaving the family in a state of crisis.  I brought Kailer with me so that he could entertain the little girls while their grandmother and I worked on some serious pending decisions.
 I gave the girls a quick lesson on puppy training with treats. It was so heartwarming to the grandmother to hear the two little girls giggling with delight and running on the deck with the puppy.  The girls invited Kailer over each weekend until their mother was home from the hospital. He gave those girls happiness, hope, and something good to look forward to in a time of need.
A month later I received a phone call from my friend who was now recovering at home at last.  She told me how grateful she was for Kailer. He was able to bring joy to her kids when their lives were in upheaval.  The girls still keep photos of Kailer in their room.
He is their hero, and mine.

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