Jake is a Hero
| October 4th, 2012

Meet Jake

JakeThis submission is by Jane and Tom Sullivan, whose everyday Hero Dog is Jake, a Sheltie.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

For 9 years, Jake, a rambunctious tri-color sheltie was a faithful Saturday morning visitor to the Comminty Hospital’s house (hospice).

At home, he entertained us with his antics, especially those that involved food. He was always on the prowl for his next meal or treat. However when Jake was on the job, visiting the Westland house, he turned into “Mr. Mellow”. He loved to cuddle and share his affection with many people who needed a warm “doggie fix” to brighten their day.

One particular visit, that I will never forget, the wife of a terminally ill patient requested that I bring Jake in the room to see her husband. Though the man was semi-conscious and had not been responsive for a long time, she believed that the dog’s visit might be helpful. Her adult children, however were greatly against having the dog in the room with their father. After some debate, the wife’s wishes prevailed and Jake and I entered the room. I lifted Jake onto the bed and he curled up on the man”s chest, very close to his face. Suddenly and to everyone’s amazment, the mans eyes opened and he lifted his hand to pet Jake. There was not a dry eye in the room. Our rambunctious fur-ball had made an important connection with the gravely ill gentleman and certainly helped his grieving family. Although sadly the man died very soon after our visit, for a few brief moments Jake had brought the man and his family affection and comfort.

Jake lived to be 16 1/2 years old. He came to us as a rescue and ended up rescuing so many ill and recovering people. Jake truly was our Hero.


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