My Kobe My Hero
| September 13th, 2012

Meet Kobe

KobeThis submission is by Jeanne Hamilton, whose everyday Hero Dog is Kobe, a Pit Bull Mix.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

I adopted Kobe from a local animal shelter when he was just 4 months old. Not many people wanted a Pit Bull Mix, but by sons talked me into it. The days following his adoption were so trying that I swore he was going back to the shelter! That was almost 10 years ago. Little did I know that he would grow into such a wonderful, loving, and devoted companion.

The true nature of his devotion and love for me really became apparent when I was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 4 years ago. To this day I am convinced that he knew before I did that I was carrying this horrible disease. He actually self-mutilated himself by chewing the top layer of his right hip … my cancer was in my right breast.

During my treatment which included several surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, Kobe NEVER left my side. One day in particular I was really feeling awful after my chemo treatment. I went to lay down on my bed. Kobe came right to my bedside, stood staring intently and grunting at me. I thought he wanted his bed brought in next to mine. So with what little energy I had, I managed to drag his bed next to mine.

Not good enough. He still held his ground. That is when it became evident to me that he wanted to be next to me – in bed with me – and he wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. Of course you can guess how this ended up. We slept together all afternoon. He was where he wanted and needed to be.

I always knew that Kobe loved me and would protect me at any cost, but that was the day he became my hero!

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