Pet Business Opportunity in Seattle
| August 12th, 2010

Pet Business Opportunity in Seattle

Seattle Pet Examiner Interviews the Zoom Room

Zoom Room SeattleThe Seattle Pet Examiner interviews Zoom Room COO, Mark Van Wye, about the company’s plans to bring the Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center to Seattle in 2011. Journalist Tracy Campion chatted via phone with Van Wye regarding Seattle as a truly ideal location for the business.

Seattle dogs have some wonderful options, in terms of dog parks, but with weather being so frequently inclement, there’s an absolute need for a dedicated indoor facility that offers classes such as dog agility, puppy training, obedience and therapy dog training, as well as everyday opportunities to get in some quality exercise time with one’s dog.

Seattle always ranks high on all of the “dog-friendly cities” lists, but it is especially noteworthy how prominently Seattle appears on the Humane Society’s “Humane Index” which takes into consideration factors such as local legislation in support of pet wellness and responsible pet ownership as well as the administration of area shelters. Last year the Seattle Humane Society placed over 6,000 animals – an all-time record – and a confirmation of the profound compassion that Seattleites have for animal welfare.

Many cities love their dogs and pamper their dogs, but Seattle is quite special in how profoundly people wish to not simply treat their dogs well, but to actively spend time with them, engaged in fun activities. It is precisely for this reason that the Zoom Room is so eager to find the ideal Seattle-area entrepreneurs to open the first Zoom Rooms there – as the Zoom Room is all about celebrating and deepening the bonds of communication with one’s dog in a fun and active setting.

Enjoy the full story in the Seattle Pet Examiner.

And if you or someone you know would be interested in opening a Zoom Room in Seattle, please visit our Franchise Information Center to learn much more about this pet business opportunity. There you’ll find a simple information request form to complete; once we receive it, we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

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