Pet Obesity & Dog Agility
| October 14th, 2009

Dog Agility

Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Today, October 14th, is Pet Obesity Awareness Day, although most owners of overweight dogs and cats are aware every day of their pet’s health issues.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention is conducting a study, and you can help. On their site you’ll find a form you can complete. If you can help them in their study, they’ll send you detailed information, a measuring tape, and everything else you need.

While they are doing their part, we’d also like to do ours by recommending the benefits of regular exercise for all dogs. They love it; it’s a great chance for you to bond with your dog; and, let’s face it, there aren’t many humans on the planet who wouldn’t benefit from a little extra exercise!

Dog Agility for Exercise

Dog Agility can complement any workout routine for a dog and his owner. When running the dog agility course, you and your dog will both benefit from a workout that is far more satisfying, enjoyable, and efficient than mere running or jogging with your dog.

Unlike jogging, which is a purely aerobic workout, dog agility involves lots of stops, starts, and quick sprints – leading to a rich anaerobic workout in concert with the longer aerobic stretches.

In addition to the weight-loss or weight-maintenance aspects of dog agility, your dog will also benefit from training gross motor skills and large muscle groups when leaping through the tire jump or vaulting over the A-frame. And, when navigating the dog walk, weave poles or teeter-totter, your dog will be working fine motor skills and small muscle groups. Dog agility also promotes coordination, visual tracking and balance.

And did we mention it’s fun!?

If you’re interested, you can learn more about Dog Agility Training at the Zoom Room.

Lastly, a thank you to our friends at Found Animals for alerting us to Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

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