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Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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The Zoom Room has been a lifesaver! Since we started training and agility classes, my dog's anxiety has decreased and she has become friendlier with other dogs. The trainers also gave me great ideas to reduce her separation anxiety so I no longer dread leaving her home alone. Just as importantly, I look forward to classes every week because they are so much fun. I love watching my dog get better at agility and seeing her excitement that she gets to "play" with Cassi and Leigh! I've recommended Zoom Room to several friends already.

- Kristina Patrick, who enjoyed Agility 2 & 3 with Santo

Leigh is bar far the very best trainer I've ever experienced. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and gentle with all of the dogs, but she has a great sense of humor, always has a smile for the dogs and owners and has patience above and beyond. She makes me and Cody feel successful and happy with each session.

- Karen Davis, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience 1, 2 & 3; Agility 1 with Cody

We have been wanting to do agility with Maggie for awhile and have been very pleased with the classes. Leigh is a great instructor, and Maggie is learning so much!

- Kelly and Dan Zemaitis, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Maggie

We've seen great strides with Pacey in these classes! They have really worked his brain out more than anything.

Will definitely look into more classes soon, most likely Agility

- Jeff Salkowski, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Pacey

We love coming to Agility classes! Talulah can barely contain herself as we pull up to the Zoom Room. Cassie is a very knowledgable, patient and cheerful instructor. Talulah has so much fun and I love how the classes work her body and mind. We are excited to continue her agility training.

- Emily Orodenker, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Talulah

Charlee has always been very high energy and as a result can be very frustrating to deal with because she demands attention if she gets bored. I wanted an outlet for all of her energy and agility seemed like a good option. She loves it at the Zoom Room! She gets so excited when I tell her we’re going, and at the end she is exhausted mentally and physically. Cassi is a wonderful trainer and is always so patient despite Charlee’s occasional lack of focus, and I’m always impressed with the amount of individual attention each dog receives despite it being a group class. We love the bonding time and will continue attending classes at Zoom Room since we’ve had such a wonderful experience there!

- Brionna, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Charlee

Leif is learning the fundamentals fast thanks to Leigh's clear, positive teaching style. My dog looks forward to the classes and is worn out after. We both couldn't be happier.

- Patrick L., who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Leif

Sarge is almost a "normal" dog thanks to Leigh and her training. I can't recommend Leigh enough. She listens to my concerns and works thru our issues.

- Mel, who enjoyed Private Training with Sarge

Zoom Room has been great for Dash. As a 2 year old whippet in need of stimulation beyond just walks, agility classes was just the physical and mental activity he needed to become more focused, calm, and comfortable around other dogs even in and out of the classroom. We would love to see more class offering options at the higher levels like Agility 4.

- Andreina, who enjoyed Agility & Private Gym with Dash

I love it! I can see a very positive change in my dog since beginning. He's even less anxious now because we were able to let him know his place-with treats! I just recommended it to a friend because Zoom Room helped turn the dog I have into the dog I want! I loved the agility class we took recently, we will definitely be back. I love having a tired pup and he loves going!

- Alexa, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 and Intro to Agility with Karl Barx

I love bringing my dog here. Everyone is so nice and its very clean.

- Rachel Murphy, who enjoyed dog meet-up, obedience 1 with boo boo

Wonderful! Wonderful! Veronica loves it...her tail is wagging throughout. Her favorite question now is, "Want to go zooming?"

- Marcia Radbill, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Veronica

We have a great time. Charlie is always excited to go. Both Charlie and I have learned a great deal!

- Jordan Strott, who enjoyed Obedience with Charlie

Both myself as well as Wally are pleased with what Zoom Room has to offer. The staff is friendly and the classes are very helpful and does in fact show results.

- Andre Malhotra, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Wally

The minute I met Leigh and took her advice, I changed my dog's overall well-being, by signing up for Agility Classes with my cute, but trouble maker (ie aggressive) Beckett. He's a better canine citizen and LOVES Zoom Room. Now he regularly has "a job" and I can say that Zoom Room is the BEST THING I have ever done for him. He's more polite, focused and happy. The youngest family member, Kady, loves to have Private Gym to chase tennis balls, and show off her jumping, sitting, and A-Frame skills. I can't say enough good things...its truly made a dramatic change in the lives of my two dogs.

- JZ, who enjoyed Private Gym, Obedience 1, Agility 1-4 with Beckett and Kady

Merlin and I love the Zoom Room in Philadelphia! Merlin recently graduated Obedience 1 and is getting ready to graduate Agility 1! The staff here a fantastic and have lots of great recommendations for any problem (big or small) that you and your dog may have. I'm looking forward to getting Merlin into a tricks class, and hopefully eventually getting his Canine Good Citizen certificate! I highly recommend coming here for classes, meetups, and the special occasion parties!

- Katrina, who enjoyed obedience 2, agility 1 with Merlin


- Karen Davis, who enjoyed Obedience 3 with Cody

My dog Missy doesn't always play well with other dogs, it was wonderful to find a location that gave us the private gym option. I took her this afternoon and she tore a nail - Cassi was extremely helpful. She wrapped the paw and gave very thorough instructions on how to treat it when we got home. Missy was able to play for the rest of the session as if nothing happened!

- Stephanie, who enjoyed Private Gym with Missy

It's awesome. Just to see the excitement on Buster's face as soon as he enters the premises, and the sense of pride I feel in him when he learns how to go through the agility course...yeah. It's awesome. I definitely feel the bond between Buster and I has gotten stronger as a result of the experience. Highly recommended.

- Adam C., who enjoyed agility with Buster

We love the Zoom Room and Frankie does, too! It's such a great outlet for her. If possible, it would be really nice to have the current class enrollment listed next to the classes on the schedule (i.e. 4 Reserved, 2 Open) so that we can know what to expect when arriving at class. It would be especially helpful for Frankie since she is so easily distracted. We might also be able to opt into a less full class time if we know the info at the time of enrollment. Not sure if this is possible with your scheduling system, but just a thought! In general, we have found the atmosphere at the Zoom Room to be friendly and supportive. We have really learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves!

- Lauren S., who enjoyed Agility 1,2,3 with Frankie

I love The Zoom Room and so does Ebony. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, the facility is clean and well-maintained, and the instruction is outstanding. Cassi has a real gift for dog and human training!

- S. A., who enjoyed Agility and private gym with Ebony

Leigh was very informative and asked me what things were important to work on with Maggie. My husband was amazed at the progress we had from just our first training session. We also really enjoyed the small breed meet up and thought it was an excellent way to social Maggie in a safe comfortable environment with dogs her own size!

- Jill Franc, who enjoyed Private Training with Maggie

I always have a great experience at the zoomroom and both my pups love it there. Leigh and Cassie are both great trainers who conduct their classes in a positive and professional manner.
I read great reviews of the place and decided to give it a try and will never look back! I'm also constantly impressed at how well they handle different dogs who are at different levels and have different needs.
Both my pups have become better socialized and learned a lot from obedience. Jack loves Agility so much, his ears perk up just hearing the word! I already recommend ZoomRoom to everyone I know with dogs and will continue to do so :-)

- Rachel, who enjoyed Obedience/Agility with Jack/Odin

Hudson has come a long way since his very first class at the Zoom Room. In just 5 short classes, he has become more focused, more obedient and an all-around happier dog. He knows what we want of him and he's happy to give it. We love the level of communication we've achieved with our dog and it'll only get better!

- Danielle, who enjoyed Obedience 1; Obedience 2 with Hudson

We've had a fabulous experience so far and Brutus has become incredibly well-behaved. I would recommend ZoomRoom to any new dog owner.

- Marc Gutstein, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2, Agility 1 with Brutus

It was fun, Cyrus is anxious around other dogs but he did well in class overall. I thought both trainers were excellent working with him.

- Sara, who enjoyed obedience and agility 1 - 2 with Cyrus

The Zoom Room is a hidden gem for dog owners in Philadelphia (it has free garage parking too!). I love the flexibility of the schedule - your dog will master skills before moving ahead, and no more blocking out one night a week for six weeks for a series of obedience classes that your dog may or may not master at the end. Leigh and the rest of the staff are fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and everyone who works there is friendly and loves dogs. I leave the sessions feeling confident that the strategies are working and I can see results in my dog's behavior. The meet ups are great socialization opportunities for dogs and owners alike! If you get the chance, definitely check out the Zoom Room. You won't be disappointed.

- Katrina, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool, Puppy Obedience, Puppy Agility with Merlin

I've been interested in Agility for years, but don't have the expertise or space to train by myself. I was so happy to discover the Zoom Room! The instructors are amazing, and clearly work very hard to remember details specific to Deacon, his learning style, and monitor his progress even though they train many dogs each week. Deacon and I LOVE our agility classes. I especially enjoy seeing his confidence increase from class to class when it comes to more challenging obstacles. Now that he's in Agility 2, I really feel that things are "clicking" for him and he's having the time of his life running around the course off leash with me.

- Joanna, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Deacon

Excellent trainer/coach!!
Staff is very friendly!
Clean location!
Enjoy going to Doggy Social Hours!

- Juliane, who enjoyed agility with Theodore

Dash has been coming to Agility at the Zoom Room Philadelphia for over a year now. It has become an integral activity to keep him challenged, engaged, and disciplined. It has helped his socialization and ability to be around other dogs.

- Andreina Perez, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Dash

My dogs and I always have a blast at Zoom Room. Leigh has helped us train our 7 month old for the last 5 months. My dogs love coming to Zoom Room and hate it when it's time to leave.

- Kyle, who enjoyed We've done everything Zoom Room offers. with Java and Petey

We LOVE Zoom Room! The flexibility of the curriculum here allows you and your dog to move at a pace that's right for your dog AND your busy schedule. We recently completed the "Come When Called" workshop and the results are phenomenal! Merlin has a great foundation that we can continue working on in the great big city with all its distractions. Everyone at the Zoom Room - from Leigh and Cassi to Jess and the other desk staff - are all wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable as well. I highly recommend checking this place out.

- Katrina, who enjoyed Agility and Obedience, Come When Called Workshop with Merlin

Carter and I love the Zoom Room. The staff is always helpful and friendly!

- Sarah Howell, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Carter

Very upbeat, professional instructor. Good time management so that the goals of the class were accomplished and all dogs got equal attention. Our dog enjoyed the class even though we worked him hard.

- Evelyn C, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Bogie

We love the Zoom Room so much! The agility training is challenging and fun and it gives our city dog a chance to really run all out in a way he never would at the dog park since he doesn't like to play fetch or run around with other dogs. Additionally, our instructor, Leigh, is a really great trainer! She always knows just how to communicate exactly what you can do to improve a certain thing.
We also love bringing our dog to the Zoom Room for things other than agility. We really enjoy the meet ups and playing around in free gym time.

- Jessica Gordon, who enjoyed Agility 1 through 4 and Agility League with Wally

The Zoom Room has given my energetic whippet a great avenue for getting the mental and physical stimulation he needs through agility classes. He is noticeably more calm and challenged and it has helped to calm his demeanor overall.

It would be great to have more class offerings in the evenings and early on weekends. A larger space for private gym time would also be great.

- Andreina, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2, Private Gym with Dash

Bruiser learned a lot in this 6-week class. Definitely will be returning for more classes in the fall.

- Carin Donato, who enjoyed Workshop: Shy Dog with Bruiser

Both Billy and I had a blast during the agility classes, and he always left exhausted! The obedience classes were a great way to reinforce our training at home in a distracting, yet controlled, environment.

- Becca, who enjoyed Puppy agility, Puppy obedience with Billy

Nittany is only 10 months old and a very energetic Pittbull. The classes were very helpful in teaching us how to talk to Nittany and how to get her to listen to us. Leigh was great with any questions we had and gave us great advice on how to improve Nittany's skills.

- Ashley Fusetti, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Nittany

We have loved doing Agility at Zoom Room. Not sure who has more fun - Indy or me. She gets really excited to go and it has been a fun bonding experience and has helped build her confidence. Leigh is an excellent instructor - she is always positive and enthusiastic and has lots of helpful tips. Excited to continue more classes and League. Highly recommend any of the Zoom Room classes!

- Megan H, who enjoyed Agility I-III, Agility League with Indiana



AMAZING! We have loved each and every experience at Zoom Room Philadelphia and tell all the pup parents in the neighborhood to go. They are helpful with questions and we are so well trained.

- Kelli Y, who enjoyed Obedience, Agility, Meet-ups with Franklin & Betsy

Both of my dogs love coming here and the classes are perfect for honing their skills and keeping them focused. It is so convenient, I like bringing them here to give them a different and productive outlet for their energy.

- Judy, who enjoyed Obedience 2 and 3 with Echo and Hero Robinson

I love the Zoom Room, especially our instructor Leigh! She is really knowledgeable about dog training and behaviors. She has been really helpful and demonstrated tons of patience when it comes to my large & stubborn puppy, Chase. I recommend the Zoom Room for any dog owner; the classes have made our lives easier, as well as increasing the bond between Chase and me.

- Brianne Gonsalves, who enjoyed puppy obedience 1 & 2 with Chase

Loved the Shy Dog training. It helped to reinforce some simple and well-proven techniques to focus Cody's attention on me and the command. It's also re-assuring to hear others in the class with the same experiences. I found myself quoting Leigh when I meet other dogs and their owners in the dog park- and then I, of course, mention Zoom Room and all of its fabulousness!

- Karen Davis, who enjoyed shy dog training and Agility 3 with Cody

We have been taking our two dogs here for a few months now, and I have nothing but praise for the wonderful program at Zoom Room! Leigh and Cassi are encouraging and knowledgeable trainers, and are able to give each dog some individualized attention during class. Our dogs learn something new every week and are always excited when we pull into the Zoom Room parking lot. Thanks so much Zoom Room!

- Katharine, who enjoyed Obedience 1-3, Meet-Ups with Winston & Olive

I learned so much from Leigh. She showed me that there is no such thing as a dog can't be trained. I walk out with a whole new dog. Thank you Leigh you are the best.

- Yvette Johnson, who enjoyed Obeisance 1 with King

The boys and I have had so much fun! Both of my dogs are border collie mixes and *always* full of unbridled energy. These classes are one of the best ways to use up all their energy and put their brains to work. Class is one of the best ways to wear them out, which is all but a part-time job for me. I have worked with a lot of trainers over the years, and Cassie and Leigh are as good as the come. We couldn't be happier!

- Erika Tapp, who enjoyed Obedience 1, Agility 1-4 with Monty and Walter

We've only been coming to classes for a few weeks now and wouldn't go anywhere else. The Zoom Room is the best training facility in the city. The gym is clean, they have tons of awesome equipment, the staff is super friendly and all the dogs absolutely love it there. They even thrown birthday parties for you pooch!

- Mike Humphreys, who enjoyed Agility 1, Agility 2, private gym with Bronagh

Leigh is wonderful. the classes are always great, our puppy loves them and Leigh! she is extremely knowledgeable about training and dog behavior but always makes sure the classes are a lot of fun as well. we would highly reccomend zoom room to anyone & we keep buying more classes every time we run out.

- amber condit-shaw, who enjoyed puppy obedience, obedience 2 and puppy agility with chance

Dash loves going to Agility class with Lee. Over the last several months he has improved his socialization and attention levels tremendously from the experience. We will continue to be long-term Zoom Room clients!

- AP, who enjoyed Agility with Dash

Thank GOD for the Zoom Room. We use the private gym for Ollie to get exercise while he is learning how to feel confident around other dogs. The classes are also wonderful. Ollie is a rescue and it is really great to share the journey in classes with other rescues and their parents who going through similar adjustments as I am. What a fabulous place--I am so so so grateful.

- Allitia DiBernardo, who enjoyed gym; obedience 1 with Ollie

We love this place. Great having someone give us feedback and guidance when we have questions outside of class. Very helpful. I can't say enough good things about this place, and I'm constantly telling people about Zoom Room.

Only thing I wish is that you could buy classes in smaller packages.

- Dan Wilde, who enjoyed agility with Kingsley

We enjoy the atmosphere, the professional attention and care given by the staff. Leigh is the best. It gives Max time to get exercise and training at the same time. The price is within my budget.

- Janet McKnight, who enjoyed Obedience class 1 and play dates with Maxwell

Agility has been wonderful! My dog has been building her confidence doing all kinds of obstacles. There is plenty of variety to keep her attention and mine too. Leigh is an excellent instructor - very positive with lots of helpful tips. This has been a great experience for both of us - lots of fun!

- Megan Healy, who enjoyed Agility I & II with Indiana

Agility at the Zoom Room is a great outlet for our extra energetic dog. It's a great mental challenge for her, and it has really increased her confidence!

- Lauren S., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Frankie

Denim is exceling with his socialization skills and he enjoys the agility courses. It's a great environment for him and it's physical and mental stimulation for him. He likes it and he has fun!

- Maquita, who enjoyed training and agaility with Denim

Agility classes have been super enjoyable and constructive for me and my dog. The instructor knows her stuff and classes are well organized. I visited the zoom room looking for an activity to help manage my dog's energy and consequential developing behavior issues. Agility classes have been the perfect answer. Harry is happier, more focused, more responsive to at home training and he's turning 5 years old! I recommended friends in the beginning because they had the same concerns with their dog and after seeing the progress Harry has made, they've stopped by to check out the zoom room too.

- Helen Owens, who enjoyed Agility 1-3 with Harry

Cassy is a great instructor. It's obvious she loves the dogs and is a great teacher. Stella has so much fun!

- Karin Ingman, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Stella

We have a great time at Zoomroom. The instructors are great, both extremely knowledgeable and patient. The facility is bright, clean and fun for the dogs.

- Charles Waring, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience and Puppy Agility with Lizzie

We love Zoom Room! Puppy pre-school helped socialize our pug who was terrified of other dogs, especially large ones. He now loves playing with dogs of all sizes. The obedience classes helped ease our easily distracted puppy into a focused dog who is eager to please and listens.

- Kate V, who enjoyed Puppy pre-school, puppy obedience, obedience 1 with Jamal

Leigh is The Best. I have to say from experience, just because you have a Zoom Room, it doesn't mean you'll be in great hands. However, we totally lucked out and got Leigh. She is a natural teacher, with a way of guiding and correcting both pet and person so that you never feel ignored or silly. Rook loves it because she's a complete ham and gets lots of attention and treats for prancing around (at least, that's what I suppose she's thinking :) ).

- Jessica and Paul, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Rook Underfoot

All classes and meet ups are absolutely AWESOME!!!!! Hopefully will be attending CWC workshop and obedience II classes soon!!! I tell anyone with dogs that the Zoom Room is the best. My pups love it!!!!

- Stella Delia, who enjoyed obedience I and large breed meet ups with Gus and Izzy

Tom and Huck get excited even just to get in the car, and I know it's because they love the Zoom Room so much! We just adopted them a few months ago as full-grown adult dogs without knowing any of their history, and having the Zoom Room to establish and build relationships with them has been crucial during their transition into our lives. Everyone tells us how great our dogs are, and much of that is from the training we've received at the Zoom Room! We all love it, and can't wait to tackle more training with Leigh and Cassie!

- Kate and Ben, who enjoyed Obedience 1, Agility 1 with Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry

Amazing! We love Zoom Room Philly! The staff are great. Both our dogs started in Puppy Preschool and done both agility and obedience classes. We are often complimented on how well behaved they are... We always give Zoom Room the credit!

- Kelli Y, who enjoyed Obedience & Agility with Franklin & Betsy

Who knew training a dog could be so much fun? I'm not sure which one of us, Cody or myself, enjoy coming to the Zoom Room more! Recently, one dog owner said to me that she's never seen such a well-trained puppy as Cody is. I, of course, attribute that to the excellent coaching that we are both getting from Leigh at Zoom Room. I'm a proud Momma.

- Karen Davis, who enjoyed Obedience 1, 2, 3; Agility 1; small breed meet-up with Cody

My dog is very nervous around other dogs and since she has been in her class we narrowed down what her triggers are and how to help her cope better. Its really working. she is doing great! She is not as whiney and anxious when we go out.

- traci harper, who enjoyed shy dog with scout

We always have fun at the Zoom Room! Izzy has grown more confident and less reactive around other dogs since she has begun the agility classes. We both have a great time and Izzy expends all her energy. We try to make it at least once a week...

- Denise L., who enjoyed Agility 1, Private Gym with Izzy

I enjoy the class very much. The instruction is excellent, and I am able to see progress in my dog every week. She seems to enjoy herself quite a bit, and is dead tired when she gets home. I find it more effective than taking her to the dog park because she gets exercise, but it's in a directed manner where she's listening, learning and understanding. For a dog with serious problems focusing, I couldn't ask for more.

- Gary Talarino, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Zubi

We love Zoom Room and have been going almost every week since it opened. Leigh is a great instructor, and we all have enjoyed learning how to do agility.

- Kelly, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Maggie

I really enjoyed the sessions with Leigh and Cassi. They were really patient with Bruiser and he learned a lot.

- Carin Donato, who enjoyed Obedience I with Bruiser

Dash is still loving Agility class at the Zoom Room. It has helped him to socialize around other dogs as well as become more focused.

- Andreina, who enjoyed Agility with Dash


- Stella Delia, who enjoyed puppy obedience/large breed meetups/come when called workshop with Gus and Izzy

Cassie is a sensational instructor. We've been coming to Zoom Room for just under two years and we're still impressed by the gentle and professional training and dog fun that our little Cody always receives.

- Karen Davis, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Cody

Lola and I absolutely LOVED our experience! We have already started implementing some of the tips we learned yesterday and I am amazed at how quickly she's picking up on things. We will definitely be coming back for more fun! Thank you!

- Cheryl Lawrence, who enjoyed Evaluation with Lola

Our experience has been great so far. We really enjoy the agility classes! Leigh is a wonderful instructor. The facility is amazing and her staff is super friendly too.

- Lara Zeigler, who enjoyed puppy obedience and puppy agility with Sesi

Ebony and I both love the zoom room and Cassi is a great instructor. I like the flexibilty Offered by the class pass. The environment is fun and positive.

- Sarah Andres, who enjoyed Agility with Ebony

My dog has major aggression issues towards larger dogs (he weighs 22 lbs.) He also has redirected aggression toward our other dog if he happens to be in the way when Kono sees a large dog. Otherwise, they're best friends. Leigh was extremely patient and willing to try something different if I suggested it. She really seems to "know her stuff" and I would definitely recommend her. Keep in mind that we felt it was worth the 40 minute commute.

- Dee Waldman, who enjoyed Private classes with Kono

I love it here and Leigh is fabulous with sarge. What few classes I've taken him to, he's made important progress (it's those little steps that people with a problem child of a dog that seem like giant leaps when you see a difference) I can't thank zoom room or Leigh enough!!

- Melissa, who enjoyed Personal one on one training with Sarge

Fabulous. The place is very clean,great parking and ,most of all, Leigh is a great trainer.she is very patient and knowledgable. Coco Loves it.

- Nancy, who enjoyed Private with Coco Chanel

Leigh and the Zoom Room have made me a more confident and successful dog owner. My puppy, Lola, loves classes and grows more happy, calm, and brave with each one we attend.

- Stephanie Beadell, who enjoyed Puppy agility & obedience with Lola

Agility 3 has been a tremendously fun continuation of agility training! I can see many concepts "click" for my dog as we progress and build more skills together. He seems like he is really enjoying the gradually increasing challenges. Leigh is a fantastic instructor and both my dog and I look forward to each class, and then go home very tired and happy after each one.

- J.W., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Deacon

We love zoom room and so does our pup Lucy! Being first time puppy owners we've learned so many good tips and our dogs behavior keeps improving everyday. She loves going to zoom room because she gets so many yummy treats. The staff is amazing and they never make us feel bad even if our puppy is the craziest dog in class trying to eat things and play with all the other dogs!

- EJ Pepe, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, puppy agility, puppy obedience, obedience 2 with Lucy

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