Indoor Dog Park

Indoor Dog Park

Indoor Dog Park

Our indoor dog park – aka Private Gym – is the fun, safe alternative to dog parks. We’ve all been to the dog park, but now you can go somewhere better! Avoid the mud, the rain, the puddles, the dirt, the heat, the sun, the latte-drinking cell-phone chatterers, and the mean dogs that steal toys. We outlaw it all! (But we do like caffeine, so we provide free direct trade coffee.) Instead, come take advantage of our affordable private dog gym at times convenient to your busy schedule, whatever the weather!

Private Gym

Private Gym is available in half-hour increments. It’s completely off leash, providing you with the perfect opportunity to get in some quality exercise time with your dog. Even better – bring a friend or two! Up to three dogs can attend a Private Gym session. Split the cost, and it’s about the price of a cup of coffee. (And since we provide that for free, you’re in business!) Our indoor dog park is always squeaky clean and climate controlled, with excellent music, too.

We even offer great discount packages so you can make Private Gym a regular part of you and your dog’s life.

In our indoor dog park, you have free use of most of the dog agility obstacles, plus our awesomely-stocked toy chest. There’s something in there for everyone, so toss a ball, dig into a great puzzle, or soar over the A-frame and leap the hurdles.

Are you a serious dog agility competitor? Our dog gym will give you unlimited and uninterrupted access to our climate-controlled indoor training facility – just the thing to practice the obstacles and work on your time. Only dogs who have taken or are currently enrolled in our advanced agility classes may use the full course, including more advanced obstacles like the teeter totter. If you’re not enrolled, but wish to use all the obstacles, please schedule an Evaluation with us prior to your first Private Gym session.

Our indoor dog park is also a perfect solution if your dog has some aggression issues with other dogs. An inexpensive Private Gym session will allow you use of the facility without having to worry about your dog’s interactions.

Current vaccination records are required. You can bring two dogs all by yourself. If you want to bring three dogs, you’ll need a second human handler.

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Rent the Zoom Room

We also have some great options to enjoy the indoor dog park for larger parties, such as Meet-Up Groups, businesses, social and civic organizations and charitable fundraisers for Rescue Groups. Want more info? Please contact your local Zoom Room.