Scraggly Stray Improves Quality of Life
| September 28th, 2012

Meet Sweet Pea

Sweet PeaThis submission is by Connie Moore, whose everyday Hero Dog is Sweet Pea, a Terrier Mix.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

Her name was Fluffy and she had been at the animal shelter for one month, that’s 30 days, with a broken leg. The shelter was trying to raise money for the surgery necessary to repair the broken leg. I couldn’t imagine the pain she endured for so long, in a strange place without any care towards a broken leg. I already had several dogs and really didn’t need another one, but I called to pay for the surgery, waiting until 5 minutes before the shelter closed on a Saturday. The staff member answered the phone to say that they had just raised the money, with staff kicking in the last few dollars, “but we’ll wait for you to come”, she said. I responded that I was only calling to pay for the surgery, but didn’t she have someone to take her home? The staffer responded no, but they would wait for me. I was lost the moment she came into the room dragging her poor little broken leg behind her. What they don’t tell you in these situations is the the surgery is only the first step. I had to change my work schedule to accomodate her weekly visits to the vet and more than $1000 later the pin was scheduled to be removed from her leg. There were complications and the pin broke. We held our breath, hoping for the best. The bandages were removed and she was allowed to mingle with the big dogs. Sweet Pea does not mingle. Sweet Pea became Evil Pea and became queen of the house, lording over those poor 100 lb golden retriever subjects.

I had always had problems with my knees due to horse backriding injuries. Finally, I could no longer walk without assistance and it was time for a total knee replacement. I was devastated because I had heard it was a long difficult recovery. I tried to maintain a positive outlook because my quality of life was so poor. I could no longer ride my horses, my work was suffering and I spent weekends in bed just staying off the knees. I had the surgery and laying for long hours in the hospital bed I reflected on what Sweet Pea had endured confined to her crate for long weeks to stay quiet for her recovery. By this time she was racing all over the place as though nothing had every happened. I was determined to follow her example. When I came home she stayed by my side, my constant companion through the painful physical therapy. The doctor said my recovery was beat all the records. I had the surgery on a Friday and was back at work the next Wednesday. I followed all the doctor’s instructions and I am now back riding my horses one year later. Neither Sweet Pea nor I have a limp. I guess I am a little bit of a terrier too.

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