Talks with Ratna Anagol
| February 23rd, 2012

Zoom Room in Second Act

Second Act Talks with Ratna Anagol

Second Act, a national business website that features career inspirational stories, talks with Zoom Room franchisee Ratna Anagol for a feature called, “How I Did It: Getting Started in the Pet Business.” Ratna shares her story as one of five enterprising animal lovers who found their second act in the booming pet industry.

Anagol says that working with pet owners is particularly fun because they, like her, really love their animals. Her customers aren’t just buying a squeaky toy hoping to shut up a yapping dog. They are looking to spend serious bonding time with their pet. “They want to have a relationship with a dog that’s more than superficial,” Anagol says.

Read Ratna’s complete story in Second Act.

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