Sherman Oaks Patch
| March 13th, 2013

How Agile is Your Dog? Find Out at the ‘Zoom Room’ [Video]

A new business in town offers agility courses for pooches—and their owners.

Zoom Room, a new business franchise in town, specializes in Agility training classes designed to whip your pooch—and you—into shape both physically and emotionally.Agility training progresses in four stages:

• During Agility I class, dogs become acquainted with basic equipment, such as tables, A-Frames, hoops and tunnels.

• Agility II revolves around an actual off-leash course in which a dog may, for example, be required to go from a table to an A-Frame to another table.

• Agility III is an extension of Agility II involving more complicated courses and movements.

• Agility IV adds a lot more equipment to the mix—seven or eight pieces of equipment instead of three or four—and teaches owners how to run a course with their dog.

‘We challenge the dog, but also the owner,’ says Kevin Ohern, Zoom Room’s general manager and head trainer.

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