Summer Camp Aims to Entertain, Teach Children and Pups
| Jun 7th, 2013

Zoom Room Summer Camp teaches your kid dog handling skills and reinforces the bond between your child and canine family member.
| Feb 24th, 2013

A local news website announces our newest location in Bethesda, Maryland.

Dog Agility for Kids – Summer Classes
| Jun 11th, 2012

Dog agility classes for kids teach your child how to train their dog in agility while enhancing the bond with the family pet. Our classes emphasize fun and positive motivation for the dog and child!

Baby and Dog
| Nov 15th, 2010

Bringing home baby can be an exciting time for everyone in the household. The one exception may be your dog. A new baby, thrilling for parents, can be a source of tremendous anxiety for your dog, who may find that his world has been completely upended. However, with a little careful planning, most dogs adapt quite readily to the new arrival, and some absolutely adore babies.

Learning from Dogs
| Dec 8th, 2009

Recently, a group of researchers decided to study whether or not the presence of a dog affects the ability of children to follow directions. Preschoolers were asked to perform basic motor skill tasks in the presence of a dog, a human, and a stuffed life-size dog manipulated by a human. The tasks were either demonstrated first or were to be performed at the same time.