Dog Sports
| Nov 29th, 2010

Canine sports have grown in popularity over the past twenty years, when the only competition your dog might face was who got the best spot on the couch. Today, dog sports are big business, with events held nationwide and big name sponsors on board for televised events. Animal Planet and even ESPN broadcast countless events each year, ranging from Earth Dog (tunnel work) to Flyball and Dog Agility.

Dock Dogs Long Beach
| Mar 1st, 2010

Dock Dogs are incredible canine athletes who combine speed, agility, jumping, retrieval and swimming skills with an intrepid love of water sports. If you’ve never seen a Dock Dogs competition – don’t miss this one – and bring a poncho!

Bark Park at the LA County Fair
| Sep 13th, 2009

Dock dogs, stunt dogs, and a Bark Park are just a few of the highlights of the LA County Fair taking place Sept 4 – Oct 5, 2009.

Dock Dogs
| Mar 3rd, 2009

Cali, a Labrador Retriever, and Zoom Room Member, is not only a total superstar in our Tricks Training class, but also an incredible Dock Dog. What are Dock Dogs, you ask?