Small Dog Meet Up
| Aug 2nd, 2013
Join us for some off-leash play time at the Zoom Room! Any social dog who has previously taken classes at the Zoom Room or has gone through an Evaluation is welcome to attend.

The small breed meetup is for dogs up to 25lbs in size and dogs must have all vaccinations up to date.

Get to know some of our other small dog owners and tucker the little guys out.

Come To “Zoom To The Rescue” This Saturday
| Sep 19th, 2010

Come to the “Zoom To The Rescue” charity event this Saturday, September 25, to benefit Olympic Animal Sanctuary.

Yorkie Meet Up Last Saturday Was a York-sess
| May 24th, 2010

The monthly Yorkie meet up was held at the Zoom Room on Saturday. Approximatley 30 Yorkies and their parents partied with new and old friends over the weekend.

Response of Different Dog Breeds to Visual Cues
| Nov 10th, 2009

When you point at something, does your dog look at where you’re pointing? Or does he look at your finger? Is responding to this visual cue an inherited genetic trait, something we humans have bred for in the domestication of dogs? Or is it more a matter of the dog’s training?

Researchers Marta Gacsi, et al. have just published a very interesting study, “Effects of selection for cooperation and attention in dogs,” in the recent issue of Behavioral and Brain Functions that sheds much light on these questions.

Dog Breed DNA Test
| Nov 6th, 2009

You have an adorable rescue – and admirers are always asking, “What is he?” Usually you reply with a shrug and a smile, or your best guess: Chihuahua-Great Dane? Poodle-Weimaraner? French Bulldog-Labrador? The guessing stops here!