The Fido Awards: Honoring Movie Dogs
| Nov 25th, 2009

Here in L.A., movie producers have the good sense to put talented dogs to work in the movies. We’re not just talking Marley & Me or Hotel for Dogs. Can you imagine As Good As It Gets without the pooch? The right droop of a tail or cock of a head is box office gold. But speaking of gold, where are the statuettes for the unsung canine movie stars?

Turns out they’re in England, home to the Third Annual Fido Awards.

Walking a Dog Celebrity
| Sep 16th, 2009

Pawparazzi are quick to spot a dog celebrity, or a sometimes a dog who’s just so shaggy and bizarre, like our Komondor Clyde, that he may as well be a celebrity dog!

Bow Wow Meow
| Nov 1st, 2008

Dog agility demonstrations at the Bow Wow Meow Festival in Brentwood.

Mahalo Daily interviews Jaime Van Wye
| May 27th, 2008

Veronica Belmont, of Mahalo Daily, paid a visit to interview Zoom Room owner and founder, Jaime Van Wye, about the wonderful world of dog agility training. See the video!