Responsible Dog Ownership Day
| Oct 1st, 2011

Zoom Room Monterey Bay hosted a community event, Responsible Dog Ownership Day on Sunday, September 25th. Those who attended were able to meet and ask questions of pet professionals in the fields of traditional, emergency, and holistic veterinary care as well as professional grooming.

Brazilian Wax for Dogs
| Oct 17th, 2009

Hairstylist Roberto Fabiano and esthetician Gloria Florianopolis were searching for a new business enterprise after “Coração de Amador,” the telenovela they’d worked on for the past two decades, was cancelled. Combining their love of dogs and beauty, it didn’t take Fabiano and Florianopolis long to launch the Instituto de Beleza de Cães, or the “Dog Beauty Institute.” Although they also offer traditional services such as bathing, styling, and of course pedi-pedis, they weren’t prepared for the overwhelming response they’d receive for their unique Brazilian Wax for Dogs service.