Dog Runs Out Door
| Dec 11th, 2010

When a dog runs away by bolting out the front door, panic ensues. Learn how to prevent a runaway dog by understanding and conrolling this behavior problem.

Best Dog Video
| Mar 3rd, 2010

This is simply the best dog video ever. A perfect commercial for the Zoom Room with all the joys of dogs jumping. Created by Pleix, with music by Vitalic.

Get him off of me!
| Oct 3rd, 2009

Jumping is one of the most common behavior problems seen by dog trainers, and it can be an irritating habit to break. While cute – or at least seemingly innocuous when your dog is small – once your 80-pound Labrador leaps upon the house guests while you scream, “Don’t worry! He’s friendly!” things can get quickly out of hand.