Pearly Whites
| Nov 16th, 2011

The Well Animal Institute held a successful anesthesia free teeth cleaning clinic at Zoom Room for twelve dogs.

Importance of Oral Hygiene for your Dog
| Nov 14th, 2011

Keeping your dogs teeth clean is a vital part of keeping them healthy. Dental disease, which includes plaque and tarter build-up, can damage the teeth and gums and eventually affect the whole body. Bacteria from inflamed gums can enter the blood stream and affect major organs.

100 Watt Smile
| Oct 19th, 2011

Zoom Room will host anesthesia free dental cleaning on November 12, 2011. Statistics show that neglecting your pet’s teeth can lead to other diseases.

Dog Teeth Cleaning
| Nov 5th, 2010

On November 18th, give your dog a sparkling smile with non-anesthetic ultrasonic teeth cleaning. Plus we’re also offering low-cost vaccinations and other veterinarian services.