July’s Dog of the Month is a Real Lifesaver
| Jul 24th, 2013

July’s Dog of the Month is an Agility superstar AND a hero. This special dog was pivotal in saving his dad’s life during a severe nut allergy reaction.

Military Hero Dog
| Oct 25th, 2012

Gabe and Sergeant First Class Shuck of the U.S. Army won the 2012 Military Hero Dog of the Year Award.

The Guard Pooch
| Oct 8th, 2012

Last Thanksgiving, my house was broken into while I was at work. Scruffy went after the burglars entering the back door, who shattered his carnassials and upper molars with a wooden dowel they took out of my windowsill. Even with his teeth broken and wedged up into his jaw, he still whipped around front, barking and growling at the ‘lookout’ who was on my front porch.

Shinkous Shin
| Oct 8th, 2012

Shinkou was our very first foster dog from the Shiba Scout Rescue. Shinkou was found on the streets so we had no information about what her life had been like but it was easy to see it had not been the life she deserved. Shinkou was found weighing 11 pounds (about 10 pounds under weight), she had burns on her legs, tar in her hair and a serious attitude.

A Psychologist to Boot
| Oct 8th, 2012

My daughter had just come home from a very bad day in fourth grade. Someone had said something and she was in tears. She came in the front door and went right upstairs to her room. I followed her in and found her sitting tragically hunched on the floor, her sheepskin boots cast aside, still sobbing. I sat down next to her, trying to think of the right motherly thing to say that would make it all better.

Murphy, the Wonder Lodgedog, saves the day!
| Oct 8th, 2012

We are innkeepers at a large B&B ski lodge in Colorado, consisting of a Dining Lodge, where we live; and a Guest Lodge, where our guests stay. In January, 2011, when we (thankfully) had no guests in the Lodge, our son and his girlfriend came to visit us. We were enjoying our coffee and conversation in the Dining Lodge one cold morning when Murphy detected something not right, and started frantically barking at the front door.

she gives with a 100% of her heart.
| Oct 7th, 2012

Madeline is 11 years old and sight impaired. She in in agility and just started the last few months. I have to help her at times and we will never win a speed record, but she loves it. I don’t mind slowing down for her.

little dog with a brave heart!
| Oct 7th, 2012

I was looking out my front kitchen window with tear filled eyes when I saw the small dog standing on my front lawn. Had it been any other
day I would have run out, caught him and tried to find his owner, but not today. I had just hung up from Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, informing me my mother had just suffered a massive stroke and would not live more than a few hours.

Dogs are good people
| Oct 6th, 2012

The decision to bring a dog into my home came not of my own volition, but at the request of my then 8 year old son. Four years earlier my son had been badly bitten by a dog owned by a friend of a friend, sort of confirming my belief then that cats were easier to deal with when you have small children.

Buster Pawsey Earns MVP — Most Valuable Pooch!
| Oct 6th, 2012

While Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants is in the running to earn the title of the National League’s Most Valuable Player, Buster Pawsey of Pacific Grove has definitely earned the title of MVP — Most Valuable Pooch!

My dogs are everything I am, and everything I want to be
| Oct 6th, 2012

My two dogs, Punk’n and Enzo, are my heroes because they are a reflection and a constant reminder of who I am and who I strive to be. In so many ways, Punk’n is me in dog form—willful, outspoken, and sometimes even stubborn. She reacts to many things the same way I do and helps me see myself and my actions in her short, furry reflection. I know myself better because of her.

Nurse Dog
| Oct 4th, 2012

We were about to go home after a long morning of volunteering at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles when a nurse came running up to us.

Fighting Cancer One Puppy Kiss at a Time
| Oct 4th, 2012

My husband and I adopted Bishop just shortly after my father was diagnosed with cancer. My dad has always been a “dog person” and was very excited to find out we adopted a puppy of our own. From the moment we brought Bishop over to meet his “grandpa” I could see that the energy and love from this little puppy was a great healing power to my dad as he went through cancer treatment.

Jake is a Hero
| Oct 4th, 2012

For 9 years, Jake, a rambunctious tri-color sheltie was a faithful Saturday morning visitor to the Comminty Hospital’s house (hospice).

My brave little Medea
| Oct 2nd, 2012

Medea was born at a puppy mill and kept as a breeding bitch, along with 63 other American Eskimo Dogs, aka Eskies. Their health, teeth and parasites were ignored and they were regularly kicked and beaten.