How Do We Say Goodbye?
| Oct 1st, 2012

We had just brought our son home from the hospital, as new parents, we were incredibly cautious in regards to EVERYTHING! We were pretty sure that taking a walk around the neighborhood with our dog, Mate, would be a safe thing to do.

Mazi can jump in the lake and swim by herself
| Sep 30th, 2012

All summer, I tried to get Mazi into the lake and she resisted as she doesn’t care for water much. One day she climbed down the ladder, jumped in and swam in circles and climbed back up the ladder all by herself. She is not a water dog.

Ava the wonder sniffer!
| Sep 30th, 2012

I know that people love their dogs, but imagine how much more you would love your dog if you could be with them 24/7! Ava is like an extension of me. She is a diabetic service dog and can smell when my blood sugar is going low or high.

She charmed my husband!
| Sep 30th, 2012

She squiggled and snuggled her way into my husband’s heart. He had never had pets at all growing up (a fish in college was the only pet-owning experience he’d ever had!) so my husband has no interest in getting a dog.

Ready to save my life — everyday!
| Sep 29th, 2012

Valencia is a lovely and caring Standard Poodle, but to me she’s so much more! As a certified diabetic alert service dog, Valencia has been trained to detect (through my breath, hands, and feet) dangerous blood glucose levels. Being a diabetic, having a dog that can spontaneously alert detection of high or low blood glucose, as well as diabetic coma or seizure is truly a life saver.

Scraggly Stray Improves Quality of Life
| Sep 28th, 2012

Her name was Fluffy and she had been at the animal shelter for one month, that’s 30 days, with a broken leg. The shelter was trying to raise money for the surgery necessary to repair the broken leg. I couldn’t imagine the pain she endured for so long, in a strange place without any care towards a broken leg.

Issy, the one-eyed Yorkie, is ready to play!
| Sep 28th, 2012

Missy was surrendered in Bakersfield in February 2012. From what I have pieced together, Missy was surrendered by the daughter of her owner. The man was going into a nursing home and could no longer take care of himself, let alone his dogs. Missy was in serious need of medical care. She was approximately 11 years old, 8 pounds, and had an inguinal hernia larger than a softball attached to her belly.

Intuitive Healer
| Sep 28th, 2012

My dog is my hero because he intuitively senses a broken heart, a troubled mind, a weary soul, or a hurting body. He will be a great therapy dog someday.

Fuzzy Inspiration……
| Sep 28th, 2012

Douglas Fur came into my life when he chose me that fateful day in November 2009. As I bent down to meet another dog he jumped on my head. They pulled him off and he came right back and did it again. He brought something back into my life that had been missing, laughter. I lost my dog Merlin a few years earlier. He lived a long life of 16.5 years and it was devastating for me when he passed.

He always knows what’s up.
| Sep 28th, 2012

I have several allergies, both food and environmental, some of which are deadly. When I first rescued Enzo I wanted to train him to be a medical alert service animal. I was never able to fully finish his training because he comes with an anxiety and nervousness that I was not able or qualified to work with. I have just started his training back up with Zoom Room and hopefully will be able to help him overcome his fears.

My Little Best Friend
| Sep 27th, 2012

I’ve never had the opportunity to have kids. I had always thought about owning a dog one day, but when my grandmother (who had always wanted a dog but wasn’t physically well enough to care for one by herself) broke her hip right before Christmas two Christmas’s ago, I decided to commit. My boyfriend and I found Cabo at a breeder in Riverside and at 10 days old, we picked out him out of the litter from 8 other puppies.

Living a Siberian Kid’s Dream
| Sep 27th, 2012

I grew up in the 80s in Siberia, then part of the Soviet Union. My Mom and I would daily feed the hords of homeless cats trying to help them survive the cold weather. But there were almost no dogs anywhere around me. In my town, the mayor ordered the local police to shoot stray dogs “for sanitary reasons”. It was done at night to “not disturb the public”.

Heroic Status Conferred on Young Shih Tzu Named Reggie!
| Sep 26th, 2012

My dog is my hero because he fits the classic dictionary description of, “a dog of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities”.

I Knew I Could!
| Sep 25th, 2012

I am Finley, the Fierce Warrior, small but mighty. Nothing scares me like my little brother who is afraid of everything.

A Rescued Flurry!
| Sep 25th, 2012

My name is Melissa and I’m “Flurry’s” mommy! I work for an Animal Care & Control Division in North Carolina. In 2008 , the organization I work for was called to assist a neighboring county with a large animal hoarding bust (400-500 animals.) My job on this day was supposed to be administrative, however because of the overwhelming numbers, I quickly suited up in Haz-mat gear and spent the day with a co-worker helping unload animals off of the trucks and trailers from the hoarding site, processing them with a photo and id band and putting them in clean kennels.