Thankful for Black Friday Deals!
| Nov 19th, 2012

Black Friday Sale 15% off Everything!* and Discounted Gift Cards!

Dog Fancy: Dog Star
| Apr 5th, 2011

The March 2011 issue of Dog Fancy magazine examines the realities of getting your dog into show business. Is your dog the next star? How hard is it to become a movie dog?

Dog Tricks, Hollywood Style
| Nov 9th, 2010

The Los Angeles Times features a story about teaching dog tricks at the Zoom Room. The article appeared in over 125 newspapers and news magazines around the world – including the San Francisco Chronicle, Forbes and the London Telegraph – as well as the main web sites for TV stations such as ABC, CBS and NBC.

MTV Movie Awards – Celebrity Dog Park
| Apr 24th, 2010

On June 4th and 5th, the Zoom Room will host a special Dog Agility Park for celebrity MTV Movie Award attendees and their lucky four-legged friends at the Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood.

New Hollywood Location Announced
| Apr 22nd, 2010

In order to better serve the dogs (and their owners) of Hollywood, West Hollywood, and surrounding areas, the Zoom Room will be opening a new flagship location on La Brea, near Melrose, conveniently (and strategically!) located directly across the street from Pink’s Hot Dogs. And pretty darn close to Runyon Canyon, too!

Marmaduke – The Movie
| Apr 21st, 2010

Today for the first time we saw the trailer for the new Marmaduke movie. We were delighted to discover that it features none other than our very own unofficial Zoom Room Mascot, Clyde Orange.

The Fido Awards: Honoring Movie Dogs
| Nov 25th, 2009

Here in L.A., movie producers have the good sense to put talented dogs to work in the movies. We’re not just talking Marley & Me or Hotel for Dogs. Can you imagine As Good As It Gets without the pooch? The right droop of a tail or cock of a head is box office gold. But speaking of gold, where are the statuettes for the unsung canine movie stars?

Turns out they’re in England, home to the Third Annual Fido Awards.

Walking a Dog Celebrity
| Sep 16th, 2009

Pawparazzi are quick to spot a dog celebrity, or a sometimes a dog who’s just so shaggy and bizarre, like our Komondor Clyde, that he may as well be a celebrity dog!