Father Daughter Dog Training
| Jun 1st, 2012

In this article, father-daughter duo Lee and Jessica Fischer talk about why they chose to open a Zoom Room franchise. They also highlight their experiences working together as family and how this sets their business apart from others.

Small Business Week
| May 21st, 2012

Kathy Thorpe, Zoom Room Denver franchise owner, discusses her switch from corporate America to opening a dog agility franchise location.

Chicago Animal Advocacy Examiner
| Mar 26th, 2012

Keith Sanderson, Sidekick of Max A Pooch, the famous Chicago recycled pooch who recycles himself, interviews Zoom Room Founder Jaime Van Wye about looking for a local franchisee to bring the Zoom Room brand to Chicago. Sanderson tells readers that the novel idea is “well thought out,” and said he bets that Chicago will soon be home to a franchise.

Fox Business News
| Mar 26th, 2012

Zoom Room President and CEO, Jaime Van Wye, was the featured guest on Fox Business News’ “Small Business, Big Ideas” segment which aired live today nationwide. Jaime discusses the Zoom Room’s unparalleled growth in the past year at a time when many other businesses have been struggling.

Franchisees Pick their Favorites
| Mar 25th, 2012

Jan Norman of the Orange County Register reports on the recent Franchise Business Review rankings of companies that have happy franchisees. To measure franchisee satisfaction, Franchise Business Review asks more than 22,000 current owners of 135,000 franchise locations for 300 different brands how they rate their systems. Zoom Room was featured as No. 1 in the pet services category in this survey.

Fox News Charlotte
| Dec 18th, 2011

Fox Charlotte visits the newest Zoom Room in North Carolina and talks with owner Julene Kautzman about obedience training, agility, therapy dog and the fitness benefits of bringing your dog to the Zoom Room.

Life Goes Strong
| Dec 15th, 2011

National lifestyle website Life Goes Strong features Zoom Room franchisee Ratna Anagol in their article spotlighting three entrepreneurs in the fast-growing pet industry. Ratna, who runs Zoom Room in Monterey Bay, California, shares her story about the passion for pets that led her to Zoom Room.

Pet Services on the Rise
| Sep 23rd, 2011

A new article in The Street examines the rising demand for pet services, using the boom of the Zoom Room as an example of this growing trend.

Business on Main: Cool Runnings
| Sep 22nd, 2011

Cool Runnings, a show dedicated to spotlighting innovative American businesses, features a profile of the Zoom Room pet franchise on the NBC-MSN network. Their goal was to get a deeper understanding of how the Zoom Room, in such a short period of time, has quickly grown to become the #1 fastest-growing pet franchise in America.

Pet Age
| Sep 7th, 2011

The September 2011 issue of Pet Age examines the sharp increase in demand for non-vet pet services, and positions the Zoom Room as a prime example of this trend.

360 Magazine
| Aug 17th, 2011

360 Magazine, an edgy international fashion and lifestyle publication, features a profile of the Zoom Room and its founder, Jaime Van Wye.

iPhone Life Magazine
| Aug 15th, 2011

This month’s issue of iPhone Life Magazine features a story on the innvoative use of iPads at the Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center, a nationwide franchise.

Life Goes Strong
| Jun 26th, 2011

The online magazine Life Goes Strong, which focuses on mid-life issues, interviewed Ratna Anagol, owner of Zoom Room Monterey Bay about her career change.

Franchise Chatter
| Jun 20th, 2011

Franchise Chatter interviews Mark Van Wye, C.O.O. of the Zoom Room, about this unique and innovative pet franchise combining dog agility and socialization.

Franchise Hound Interview
| May 20th, 2011

The aptly-named Franchise Hound interviews Zoom Room COO, Mark Van Wye, about the success of this eco-friendly, solution-oriented dog training business, including advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.