San Francisco Business Times
| Jul 31st, 2013

Business story on new Zoom Room in Belmont and growth plans in the Bay Area

Belmont Patch
| Jul 30th, 2013

Hyper-local, online feature story on the new Zoom Room in Belmont

CBS Philly
| Jul 29th, 2013

On-site segment at Zoom Room Philly featuring Leigh McKinley

San Francisco Chronicle
| Jul 18th, 2013

Glossy, magazine-style feature story about Zoom Room Belmont in the Sunday Style Section of the San Francisco Chronicle.

World Lifestyle
| Jul 18th, 2013

New health-focused website World Lifestyle visits the Zoom Room to take a Canine Cross-Training® class and experience a workout for dogs and humans.

The Campbell Reporter
| Jun 23rd, 2013

The Campbell Reporter announces the opening of Zoom Room Campbell

Washington Post Express
| Apr 24th, 2013

Reporter Vicky Hallett visits Zoom Room in Rockville to get a first-hand look at the Pup-lates class.

CBS Los Angeles Online
| Mar 18th, 2013

Zoom Room featured in “Best Places to take pooch in Hollywood” section.

Sherman Oaks Patch
| Mar 13th, 2013

Reporter Ajay Singh spoke with Kevin Ohern, the head trainer at the Sherman Oaks location about the grand opening and the progression of agility training.

Los Angeles Times
| Mar 12th, 2013

Reporter Mary MacVean visits the Hollywood Zoom Room for a first-person story about Canine Cross Training.

Pet Product News International
| Mar 11th, 2013

Reporter Wendy Bedwell-Wilson spoke with Zoom Room founders Mark and Jaime Van Wye about the company’s history, concept, services offered and future plans.
| Feb 24th, 2013

A local news website announces our newest location in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Ski Channel
| Feb 24th, 2013

Zoom Room struts its stuff at Sundance 2013.

The Washington Post: Capital Business
| Feb 24th, 2013

The Washington Post announces the new Zoom Room in Bethesda, Maryland.

WOSU-FM 89.7fm NPR News
| Feb 21st, 2013

Marilyn Smith Stops by the Zoom Room