Your Dog’s Amazing Sense of Smell
| Jan 24th, 2012

A dog uses his nose to interpret his world the way we humans use our eyes. He can gain all the information he needs about his environment utilizing his amazing sense of smell.

Scent Dogs find bed bugs…or just your keys!
| Dec 30th, 2011

Watch this video of North Carolina Jack Russell Terrier, Lady K, who has a new purpose in life…sniffing out bed bugs. Zoom Room uses similar training methods to help you train your dog to find your keys, cell phone, or other household items.

Dog Sniffs Bedbugs
| Jun 3rd, 2011

A pest control company in Duluth, MN is now using scent dogs to detect bedbugs.

Putting in Our Two “Scents”
| Dec 1st, 2010

Teach your dog to find your keys! New Scent Discrimination class starts in January.

Peanut Dog
| Nov 3rd, 2009

Also known as an Allergy Alert Dog, a Peanut Dog is not a dachsund wearing a tight belt, nor the newest flavor of dog treat, but rather a highly-trained service dog that uses scent tracking to save the lives of individuals suffering from deadly peanut allergies.

Scent Tracking
| Nov 2nd, 2009

Detection dogs use scent tracking to sniff cell phones in prison, working to eliminate one of the most dangerous and deadly forms of contraband.