Seth Rogen on Ellen
| Feb 7th, 2011

An hysterical clip from the January 17 Ellen Degeneres show in which guest Seth Rogen relates his experiences in Shy Dog class at the Zoom Room. Seth offers an hilarious take on positive reinforcement training, or as he puts it… now his rescued dog, Zelda, is no longer shy… just fat!

Star Magazine
| Jan 2nd, 2011

Seth Rogen likes to play the funny guy, but he’s a serious dog owner. After completing a six-week Shy Dog training class with his rescue pooch Zelda at the Zoom Room in L.A., they posed with other classmembers for a graduation photo on Dec. 15.

Shy Dog Graduation
| Dec 15th, 2010

Tonight was the last night of our first graduating Shy Dog class at Zoom Room Hollywood. Among the graduates was Zelda, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and her owner, actor Seth Rogen.