The Amazing Spinelli
| January 12th, 2010

The Amazing Spinelli

Spitfire Spinelli, or “Nels” for short, is a one-year-old cattle dog/husky mix, adopted from a rescue in Tennessee last February when she was 5 months old, by her owner, Sam, age 23.

Sam has been training dogs – using positive reinforcement training methods – since she was fifteen years old. She now travels around the country performing with her six talented dogs every summer.

The video below is one of the semi-finalists in our America’s Best Dog Trick Contest. Sam and Nels would love your vote!

Here’s what Sam has to say about Nels:

Nels loves to learn new things and is always ready to do something at the drop of a hat. She comes to work with me several days a week and rules the roost at home running with Rox, her Kelpie best friend. Last summer was Spinelli’s first summer performing in shows, rocking her walking handstand and her jump rope trick for the world to see at only 10 months old!

She’s fast, focused, and her new recent love has been learning to play/compete in flyball. Her favorite thing to do is chase down frisbees long distance at the park. Despite her small size, she gets some of the biggest air a small dog possible can! She may be the smallest dog I have, but she’s got the biggest personality of them all!

Vote for spinelli! Prove to the world that RESCUE DOGS RULE!

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Erich Steffensen writes:

Wow! Great job Sam- very cool!!

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