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| December 17th, 2012

Lousy weather, job layoff led to Zoom Room franchise

ThisWeek Community News

Reporter Kevin Parks spoke with Becky Berger, owner of the newest Zoom Room in Columbus, Ohio, about her journey to becoming a Zoom Room franchisee. One day in September 2011, Becky’s husband took off work to spend some time with their beloved dogs, Chelsea and Brodie. There was one problem, though. Cruddy weather kept them inside all day with nowhere to go! Following that, early in 2012, Becky was laid off and the Bergers began looking into new possibilities. Considering how much fun it would be to spend more time with their dogs and provide a great service to their community, Becky opened up Columbus’ first Zoom Room in November.

What made us think this would work is there is nothing else like it. The business as a whole so far has a zero percent rate of failure.

Read the full coverage here.

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