Shy Dog Workshop starts June 19th!
| May 31st, 2014

Sad puppy Monterey

Is Your Dog a Wallflower?

Shy Dog workshop was designed with rescue dogs in mind. We’re delighted to see so many new dog owners who have recently adopted a dog from an animal rescue organization or dog shelter, excited about providing a far better life and home for their new family pet.

Small class size, minimal distractions, and great attention to detail are characteristics of our approach to behavior modification in Shy Dog class. As with all of our classes, we use only positive dog training methods to help dogs overcome shyness – in the case of shy dogs, positive reinforcement training is truly the only acceptable and reliable type of dog training that can be used with this spectrum of fear-based dog anxiety traits.

Shy Dog Training is a six-week workshop on Thursday evenings from 7:00-7:50, running from June 19th-July 24th. Classes consist of six small group sessions in which we emphasize patience, consistency, and the incredible benefits of positive reinforcement dog training methods to help overcome shyness.

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