USA Today: Dog Tricks
| June 30th, 2010

Dog Trick Training

USA Today Interviews Jaime Van Wye

Jaime Van Wye

Photo by John Ales

When USA Today decided to feature an article on the increasing demand among pet owners for ever more elaborate dog tricks, they turned to the Zoom Room’s top dog trainer Jaime Van Wye as their expert source.

“Dogs are fully integrated into people’s lives now, ” says Los Angeles dog trainer Jaime Van Wye. “This is another way for them to have fun together.”

Van Wye, who recently launched an indoor dog agility training and social hangout franchise called Zoom Room, also has responded to plenty of private clients who wanted their dogs taught something that isn’t part of the group training list:

  • For a woman who was nervous about walking her dog at night, Van Wye taught her to teach the dog to bark on command.
  • For a young single man, she taught him to teach the dog to go up and say hi to pretty women.
  • For a TV pilot, she taught a dog to urinate on command — in a urinal.

To read the full article, please visit USA Today.

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